The biggest question mark was to determine if the Anime art that you have acquired or seen was an official or a fan art one.

As an Anime fan, I love to see beautiful drawings or arts, especially beautiful girls. The thing or criteria when I am choosing or getting an art was its legibility or official one. It is very difficult, not just me, but other fans, to determine whether the Anime arts that they have are official or just a fan art. This will also help me if I am somehow a victim for stealing the art or what I call art-thefting. I had been a victim several times, and I bought arts which I thought was official, but just some random fan arts. However, my last purchase of these fan arts had given me an idea to write this issue post.

Okay! Let’s start!


Comparison of two Love Live! wallpaper sets.

As you can see above, there are two wallpapers. But, can you determine which of these two is official or not?

The answer is that the left picture was an official one, while the right one was a fan art one. Why? The left picture was the legit one and it uses the official drawing or art coming from the producers and creators of the Anime itself. The right one is a fan art one. He or she drawn the characters’ faces exactly, but the thing is that the drawing is somehow about approximately 85% matched to the original one. We can say that not all fan arts are made perfectly. In general, fan arts are derived from the original, official art, and considered to be ‘royalty free’, in the sense that you cannot sell or make profit out from it.

Fan art (right) source: Link

CLARIFICATION: Fan arts are created by indie artists and therefore, they cannot sell or make profit out of them as possible. If they do, they will get sued by copyright infringement or damage from various companies and owners. Unless they were ‘officially’ hired by these companies, they cannot reproduce or sell these fan arts.

Looks like you have a hard time determining which is which, and also I am. Let’s try another! The next one is my favorite.


Purple Heart: Sentou no Megami (Goddess of Battle) — I gave her a subtitle.

Can you spot now which is the fan art?

Obviously, the fan art was the left one. You can easily spot it since the formation of the drawing patterns were far from the original one. And the official Purple Heart was quite happy.

Fan art (left) source: Link

How Can I Determine if that Art Was an Official or a Fan-Art One?

That was a big question mark. For some tips on how to spot them, this is all that I can say: Look into the eyes of that art! Did you get it? Look into the eyes of him or her — the drawing or art! Actually, this was my old technique when I spot official or fan-made drawings.

I Spotted an Official Art, but it was Drastically Edited or Modified. Was that Considered Fan-Made or Not?

Have you heard about the floating ‘render’ images circulating? Rendered images had their white or colorful background cropped while retaining the original character art. The best example was the usage of the Anime character sprites, or the hi-res rendered character images. They can be used to create a new derivative artwork. Copyright information or text were usually left out or not included, and if that occurs, that was considered fan-made. Unless if an artist, who made or edited that official character image, was hired by an official company or owner, that can be also considered as fan-made.

Usually, I call these type of arts as ‘official bootleg arts’. They were usually used in making covers for some pirated merchandises, like the illegal XX-in-1 DVDs.

For the last time around, which of these two below was a fan art?


Two Honokas, one world.

Answer? The answer was neither of them. In fact, both of them were official arts.

So going back to the question: How Can I Determine if that Art Was an Official or a Fan-Art One? The hint was to look at their cute, beautiful faces. Or you can refer to this DeviantArt post for reference.

Are Fan Arts Likely Prone to Art Theft?

In general, yes. Fan arts were likely prone to art thefting of any kind. You can view my previous post for reference.

The End

I hope that you had read and understood everything. You can give your opinions by commenting below.


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