It is a day of celebration for the blog’s third anniversary!

There are lots of events that happened to me during the year 2016. I can share to you the list of the things that I have done during this year. This was the moment where I can finally shift again to another new level.


1. Short Stories (Under Literature Category)

Short stories are written under my Literature category. This category shows one-shot posts that feature a certain amount of pictures that tell a story. After I had written a few short stories in the blog, this was the time that I developed another type of literature. And that is I developed another category called ‘Blog Post Series’.


Skirtless! was my first Blog Post Series published here in this blog.

2. Blog Post Series

This type of literature category shows series of blog posts that tell a story. In short, this was a category where I could make a story series out of the pictures that I had taken. I can only write a Blog Post Series type if I had taken more pictures than those that I have in the Short Stories type.

3. Photography Level Up: My Sister’s Camera

I am now taking my new photography skills to the next level. As you can notice, my photograph shots are now improving. This was because I am using temporarily my sister’s DSLR camera. It was now in my brother’s possession, but since he was busy, I was the one who was using it temporarily. This was the time that I can finally handle a camera used by professional photographers. Not only I am mastering it for toy and figure photography, but also on other wide subjects as well.


This figure was bought and owned by my friend. I managed to take a photo of her since he allowed it to do so. And that is to test my photoshooting skills.

My Thoughts for the Third Founding Anniversary

My thoughts were that I had changed my level of my skills. Even though that I made many mistakes, I am striving to do my best; this is how, for me, on how to be a professional individual. I believe that I can still excel beyond than these if I try harder. Trying harder means perseverance – trying despite failing or getting depressed.

There are still a lot of projects that are on hold.  That means I am still lacking passion to do it. However, if there is a thing that made me inspired, I will do it!

The End! Of my second Year!

The second anniversary was over, and now I am entering the third year anniversary! I hope that everything goes well this time around.


“You are shining! I can feel your hot passion inside!”


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