This post features the gorgeous 1/7 Scale Figure of Maki Nishikino, from the popular Love Live! series. This figure was recently bought and owned by my friend.

Recently, I had helped my friend out since he was lacking funds to support for the purchase of this lovely scale figure. That time, I decided to fulfill his far dreams by giving him some extra money. At least, this will serve as a Christmas present for himself.

Can’t you believe that? He got his Maki figure with him, and he doesn’t need to worry himself anymore.

Now going back to the topic. I am tasked to take photos of his great scale figure and he approved it! Below, you can see some pictures.


This figure was relatively expensive than my Nendoroid collections that I have today. Actually, this was my first time shooting a 1/7 scale figure like no other. The paint jobs were AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!! Even I was fallen in love with that figure, hmm…


The enticing smile made me want to photo-shoot her more. Well, I am just doing my own thing… Oh well…


I intentionally blurred her just to focus on the lantern part. That was awesome!

This ALTER 1/7 Scale Figure is a no ordinary figure. Actually, it was my first time handling this! Whoops, to mention again, this figure was owned by my friend, not me.


OMG! Her curves turned me on! Hiyawww~

It looks like that I had underestimated this scale figure too much. Well, this is all that I can get.

There are still more photos uploaded in my Facebook Page unwatermarked! Go check it out!

Ending Message and Conclusion

This Maki Nishikino 1/7 Scale Figure was a cool figure to handle. My friend was very lucky in getting her and I helped him to reach for that dream of having that figure. To say, Maki was a very popular character from the school idol group, and her figures were selling like hotcakes in the market. To conclude, having these Scale Figures doesn’t mean that you are a rich person having a lot of money. It is just like buying a new expensive gadget. Also, I can say that buying these kind of figures will require more money; you just need to work harder to reach of what you want to desire. Working harder means you should strive yourself to some trials and conflicts in life and that is a part of every person’s work of experience. In the end, a luxurious reward is awaiting to those who fought until the very end and we should remember that!

“This figure was very awesome and great! My friend was lucky in getting her!” I said.

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