I was thinking of another change here. How about adding something interesting?

I have been quite busy doing some other stuff, but I was trying my best to update as soon as possible. For new Nendoroid pics, be sure to tune in to either my Instagram or my Facebook page for more. Also, don’t forget my Twitter, since I post some random stuff there, especially my new addiction: my entrance to the Love Live! universe.

Here are some things which I have recently made when I was very lazy to post in this blog:

1. Farewell, Neptunia! Hello, Love Live!


“Is your cute face shining gold?”

If you managed to follow my official personal Twitter account, you will see some of my Tweets about Love Live! and anything about it (including Nendoroids, or some other stuff like personal quotes), although some are a bit off-topic. From the beginning, I don’t personally like Love Live! and although I have watched the second series, the Love Live! Sunshine!!, I am still not affected. Up to the point that my heart has finally moved, around the first week of October, I started to make another leap into the new saga of my Anime fandom.

I tried listening to one of the μ’s or Aqours (pronounced as ‘aqua’, meaning water) popular songs. I tried listening first to one of μ’s songs, and later on, I am dancing to the beat of the song! But then later, I am in the state of last-song syndrome after hearing it. It is just only one song! How much more if I hear more of them?

This could be the turnover of the torch to the another one. I am well expecting that new things will come and I am ready.

2. Last Nendoroid of Different Anime Worlds Saga? Definitely Not.


My last photo uploaded to my Instagram account as of November 13, 2016 (UTC+8)

Because of my recent addiction to Love Live!, Nendoroid Clarion could be the last Nendoroid to have in my stable of Nendoroids in the Anime Worlds saga. Of course, my Nendo Honoka is an exception. After Clarion, this will be the start of my revolution – a revolution that will change the history of my Anime fandom. Coming soon.

I will still get and buy new Nendoroids, but not too often. If I think that character was very interesting, then that was the time that I am going to buy him or her and it will depend on their features. But then, as soon as possible, I will try minimizing my expenses with these, since you know that I am already beginning my ‘own so-called revolution’ of the new saga of my life.

3. Coming Soon in Development: Literature – Photo Comics Series


Nope. This was just a sample image. No dialogue balloons are used.

I was thinking of this series for a very long time. I hope that I will make it materialize soon as I am free to do so.

The photo comics series was under my Literature section of my blog. But you have to wait it until I came up with an idea. I was able to think and reference some scripts, but I wasn’t able to take photos since I was busy doing some real stuff in the real world. But then, tune-in to my Twitter account for some information regarding this.



That’s it, fans! Just standby for some further updates.


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