I am searching and looking for new Nendoroids to become my allies.

One day, I was on my way to my work and then I heard this lovely and cute voice from somewhere. Yeah, and I am hearing the song, Yuujou No Change playing in background.


I saw this pretty Nendoroid singing alone with this song. Well, this could the one that my friends are talking about. I am not a hardcore Love Live! fan, but her looks and the song got hooked me a bit.

“I must get out before I would lose control to the song again,” said me.

As I got out from the scene, I accidentally kicked a lone tin can in the ground and I made a noise. The song in background stopped and she also stopped singing. Man, it looks like I ruined her solo performance.

“Hi! What’s up?” she said.

“Whoa! Sorry for ruining your performance! I am going out now…”

“Wait! It looks like you have been watching me all the time.”

“Well, um… I like your solo song! That’s all!”

“Wait! I know you like cute girls like me! Do you want to share it to me?”

I never refused to answer her reply and I said, “Okay. So I am going to share my stories to you, School idol-chan.”

“Yes! Please!”

Then I told her my story about myself. It took about an hour for me to finish.

“So, you are a Nendoroid photographer, huh? How sweet!”

“Yeah. How about telling about yourself?”

“Okay! I shall tell you mine!”

It took about moments to finish it. Then, I said, “So you are a former member of the legendary school idol group that existed years ago? I see… You got a very sad story that once a happy one.”

“Those members of mine… They are in my side now! I know they are not present, but I can feel that they are fighting alongside with me!”

The time has finally come. I came to the point that I want to make an initiation with her. So then, I said, “You want to reach for that dream, right? Then, I can make it possible! Come and join my team!”

“Joining your team? I could, but…”

“Can you be my subject to my photography? I want to bring smiles to the people around the world and I would like to make friends with them!”


“Aw, shucks… You made me blush a bit. Maybe it is a little bit embarrassing.”

“Not just I only treat you as a normal friend, but I treat you as a new family member! There are other Nendoroid members in my team that will surely love you very much and I knew it!”


“Family…” Then a light around her shone. “Was this light… The power of… I can feel it!”

Now I can feel something in my chest. I can feel something that exceeds beyond my imagination. I think this might be it!


“It’s the time! I am joining in! Shout out my name!”

“Your feelings have reached me! Let’s go, Legendary School Idol, Honoka Kosaka!”

The initiation is done.


From this day on, Honoka Kosaka joined my party of Nendoroids. She will sing a song that will rock out and bring smiles to people around the world. I know that her other members are not present, but I know that she was fighting alongside with them, though they were not present physically, but they were spiritually present.


“There is someone who wants to meet you personally when the time comes,” I said.

“Oh, I have been hearing her and her group recently!”

“That’s right. Her name is…”



Yeah, she was my newest addition in my team. She was lovely and cute and it is fun meeting her. In the near future, I am going to make her meet someone who also likes to meet her personally.


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