Noel was walking in a park for some refreshment in her mind. She was trying to amuse herself by strolling around and to make new friends.


“I was still happy since I was able to meet different kinds of people,” said she.


Later on, she saw something on her way. She saw a stray rabbit standing on the park.

“Oh! A cute rabbit in a costume!” She said. “What’s your name?”


“Don’t call me a rabbit!” the girl in rabbit costume said. “I am just wearing it to keep myself away from anyone.”

“But you look like making yourself vulnerable to anybody.”

“It’s that so? Well… I am kind of…”

“Are you trying to be like anybody else? Nobody seems to like you because you tried to be so selfish. And you wear that costume because you like to draw attention to anybody, yet nobody notices you.”

“For you, what happens if you take away your selfishness?”

“If you take away that pride now, you will realize that you are no longer lonely and you will be enlightened!”



“Take my hand. Grab it and imagine!”

“Okay… But please do not murder me! I am innocent!”


So then, Noel grabbed the girl’s right hand. Seconds later, a miracle happened and the light flashes.


“Ta-da! You had revealed the real you!” said Noel.

“Whoa! My costume got stripped off! What did you just do?”


“It seems that the costume has given you misfortune. Your sadness and depression have been built up and that costume was built. Because of that, you have been driven into your pride and selfishness. Now that the costume is gone, you are able to go with your normal life again.”

“I see… I have been feeling this all the time that no other people seems to like me.”

“Yeah. Out of the thousands of people who didn’t notice you, only one has noticed you and I am one of them!”


“I want to be your friend. What is your name?”

“Call me Noel. I want to bring smiles to all kinds of people in this world!”

“Call me Yoshino. I want to thank you for the time that you have enlightened me.”


“Sure! Let’s take a walk and let us make friends around the world!”

“I am in! Let’s go!”

“Now, what should we first talk about?”

Now, these two are walking together and they talk about their experiences in life.

There is no problem when it comes to making friends. It will just depend on the person whom you will make friends with. As long as you share same preferences, you will make friends with that person.




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