A thirty-day photo series presented by the two units!

Last July 21, 2016, this photo series has started and it features Nendoroid Neptune going through lots of funny scenes and situational events.

Before doing this photo series, I am planning from the beginning about making an exact landing of the Day 30 to Neptune’s birthday, which also marks the release anniversary of Hyperdimension Neptunia series. In order to make that plan possible, I start taking photos of Nendoroid Neptune. Then, I started to publish them, but in a scheduled manner. I had scheduled 30 posts up to Day 30, which also marks the series’ 6th anniversary.

Here are some highlights of the 30 Days of Neptune photo series. The posts are associated under the hashtag: #NepNep30Days


Here is Day 3.


Here is Day 7.


Here is Day 13.


And here is Day 23.

The 30 day photo series were hosted on another Facebook Page. Check out Pudding of Neptune on Facebook for more!

About Pudding of Neptune

Pudding of Neptune is a Facebook Page where I post any Hyperdimension Neptunia-related stuff there. Due to the fact that I am well-affectionate for my fandom to the Neptunia series, I started to create that Facebook page. Last about October 2015, I started to create that page, starting with about only 15-20 fans/likers.

I know that there are many Neptunia FB fan pages around and has many fans/likers of each than I do. But my fan page is striving to be different from others. Not just only I post and feature fan arts of artists to my page, but also I feature ‘character segments’, which tells about issues and facts today not just in Anime, but also on other matters like current events, games, real-life events, and so on.

To reveal, Pudding of Neptune FB page is managed by me. I go as an admin of the page as ‘Mr. Pudding’.

The End.. Of the Beginning?

Pudding of Neptune became my sideline page for posting any Hyperdimension Neptunia stuff. While being idle for not posting on my blog or Instagram, I am posting on that page if I am bored. Vice-versa as well.


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