Use that image, but remember to link back to the source!

Copyright infringement is an issue among not just in Philippines, but also in other great countries like United States. We must know that ‘violating’ this rule can affect the reputation and respect to the artist who made that material (art). We love seeing fan arts based on the original, but of course, we should respect the owner or the artist by giving credit linking back to their original source.


When I was scrolling down my News Feed wall in my Facebook account, I saw this very disappointing news. A certain person (He is not on my friends list) shared a post coming from a Facebook page telling that a certain fan art has been stolen and used for an auction.

Last August 6 and 7, in the year 2016, the Otaku Expo 2016 was held in SM Megamall, in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. I didn’t manage to attend on that event due to my tight schedule with my sibling and friends. After the event in which I didn’t attend, I am hearing and seeing this unfortunate news.

During an event, a tarpaulin was put into an auction, reaching up to 9500 PHP. Wow, that was a serious price which is a lot of expensive than a regular scale figure! The tarpaulin design used the fan art of a certain Pixiv artist and that illustrates the two characters, Rem and Ram, from the light novel and Anime series, Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-.

After the event, some scandalous and controversial issues had been found.


Screenshot above is the statement of the Pixiv artist with the fan art. This screenshot may be outdated, but was taken to indicate evidence.

The Pixiv artist had made statement about the issue and has taken action. At first, the artist was unable to contact the organizers of the event. The organizer of the event was found, thanks to the one who shared via social media private messaging.

My Opinion

It is disheartening how people in the Philippines sometimes misuse other people’s art. They misuse it by using them for their pirated merchandise, such as DVD covers or other unlicensed goods. It is important to know if we are a victim of art thefting, just like what the organizers of the said event above did.

The lesson was never use any artist’s derivative artwork of any kind for your commercial purposes. Fan arts were never meant to be sold in any form since they were just derived from the original. If the artist said that his or her artwork can be sold commercially, then go ahead! If not, then start to think again.

How to Spot and Avoid Art Thefting?

Here is a link which discusses about art thefting, as well as how to protect your work by copyright.

The End

This is something that people who keep posting fan arts to their pages needs to know. If you are using the fan art, always indicate the source linking back to the original artwork (whether it came from Pixiv or Deviant Art). Thank you for reading!


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