Get used to that experience, awesome gamer!

This article was a redux from my other blog, The Asobi Network.

Getting this kind of gaming event or trigger isn’t beneficial to most gamers. But to some, it is something special that helps them to play more. Now, what makes this event or trigger special to some gamers? This is something that I have seen or experienced, a bit.

The Game Over event occurs if a player fails to meet the requirements of the game, such as getting the entire party killed or failing to achieve the game’s mission objectives. Did you know that there is something special that I found out when trying or seeing some gamers getting a Game Over event in their gaming experience? I just only cry and laugh.


“Ha ha ha! You know that’s part of the experience! Just call it that you just like falling off from a horse that you are riding!” – Date Masamune

Getting a Game Over doesn’t give you any reward… I know that! But to some games, it is somehow a redeeming feature. Take a look at the example of Capcom’s HD remastered version of Resident Evil for PS3/PS4. If you get a Game Over by getting your character killed by zombies, you will instantly get your corresponding achievement or trophy tied to that game. So that means, you won’t be able to complete your game’s achievements or trophies without getting a Game Over once per playthrough. So how’s that’s sound?

This is something that I want for some games that I am playing to have this feature. Not only because I wanted to have challenge, but also I wanted to explore the features of the game has.

Remember that some games like that one mentioned require you to get a Game Over in order to get all of your achievements 100 percent. What if some time that the RPGs or any game that you are playing require you to trigger this embarrassing event? Getting a Game Over is part of an achievement, in some games.

Remember that this trigger or event is a part of gaming, so be used to it. Maybe a trophy or achievement is waiting for you, perhaps.


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