It’s been a long time ever since I have neglected this figure. While having myself focused on my Nendoroid figures, I am just asking: Why I can’t try something else? Since I got lots of time to think about it, I decided to make some photograph shots of my long neglected Figma figure, Izumi Shizuno from the visual novel, Se.Kirara


“Am I looking good in this pose?”

Figma Izumi Shizuno was my first Figma ever since a long time ago. Unlike my Nendoroids which has limited posing, Figmas like her are well-articulated. With her different articulations, you can pose her in any different directions you like.

Izumi is very charming and innocent and she was my favorite Figma to play with. I can pose her sometimes with my other Nendoroids in stable.


“Do you want to lick my cake?”

Besides being a charming and innocent figure, this Figma figure can sometimes do some ‘suggestive’ posing according to the scene that you will like to make, like posing her in a pole dancing scene (see the previous above). What I want in this figure is her charming and beautiful smile while having her eyes closed. Oh, that expression was the sweetest of them all, for me.


“Kawaii, kawaii, kawaii! Nya~!!”

I have heard already of the visual novel, Se.Kirara, but I haven’t tried playing that visual novel in my area. The question is: Was there already an English translation of that game, so that I could read and understand that sweet story besides looking at the Ecchi and the not-so-friendly H scenes there?

Take note that I had this Figma set. The other four are still in my figure storage box and I had no time displaying them due to display space issues.


That feeling when you got your request accepted…

I really like sexy figures like this, especially if they are wearing school uniforms with high sexy stockings or socks. During the shoot of this figure, I got my libido increasing while imagining some lewd and dirty tricks that I might do. I just said, “Man, photographing sexy girls was very hard. How much more if I photograph the actual real girl herself?” Actually, handling this type of figures, if it is a girl or a woman, is an easy job, but not if you are inexperienced enough.

Lovely Conclusion

Figma Izumi Shizuno was, for me, the easiest figure to handle. I can pose her in anyway I want, but I must control my libido if I am about to do some erotic poses, like letting her kneel, while lowering my angle a bit to take photo of her bottom. There are many possible poses that I can do, and I know that I can still post more if I think something interesting, whether it is erotic or not.

Thank you for your time reading this post! I hope that you have enjoyed reading and viewing photos!

NOTE: I have created my first Photobook album of this figure on my Facebook Page. You can check more of this out by going to my Facebook page!

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