“It is good to be young and single. Once you got a real girl partner, you will stop and put these things away.”

I love watching Anime, ever since I got influenced by my older sister during my earlier years of my life. Since year 2000, I begin watching Anime starting from the titles that appeared in the early 80s up to 90s.

When I watch these, I am always watching alone. Since sharing this to non-Anime fans (in my case, my brother or parents) will just make them more uninterested in my favoritism.

It is a long history to start. So let’s begin! I will be dividing my story into Sagas or Eras.

The Lucky Star Saga


This is the cast of the Lucky Star Anime.

It all begins in this saga. Lucky Star was the third Anime in my list to watch (the first was Haruhi Suzumiya series and then Sumomomo Momomo). Also in this saga, this was the beginning of my favoritism for Ecchi genre.

So how did I get to this genre without me knowing? In my past years, I just watch normal Anime. Since Ecchi Anime is another topic, it will be tackled soon on my next post.

Ecchi is something sexy, lewd, or dirty. It is just like, you know, reading and viewing some adult men’s magazine filled with pictures of half-naked sexy women. That topic will be posted on another post title.

So what made me like this series so much? Other than Ecchi galore, I like its cuteness and cool but dirty jokes. The script of it somehow relates to my situational events, like, in my case, the Otaku fandom — their habits, and everyday life situational events.

Though this saga lasted for about almost two years of my liking, there are other sagas that came forth before this one was put into an end.

The Visual Novel Saga (Da Capo, Shuffle, etc.)


This was the cast of the Da Capo visual novel series. This was my first Anime series that I watched which was based on a visual novel.

It is true that my Ecchi favoritism is evolving (from girls up to the situational Ecchi events). The Visual Novel Saga came into my timeline.

Da Capo was the first Anime based on a visual novel game that I watched. That time, some Ecchi galore is present in that show. So when I marathon-ed the entire series up to its finale, I am urging myself to watch more like these in the future.

Also, in this era, I have learned on how to create visual novels using the visual novel engine, Ren’Py. The only thing that I am missing was to create character sprites for each character. But due to my lack of skills in artwork, I decided to use some royalty-free character sprites on the Internet. But then, I realized that I really need a team for my visual novel project. It seems that nobody, including my friends, is interested in my project, either.

The Anime Worlds Saga


Demonbane was an Anime that matched up my standard of favoritism. It blends the mecha and the romance genre and somehow fired up my imaginative will.

In this era, most of the Anime that I am watching are backlogged or finished airing. After watching a certain Anime, I go to the next one. Also, this was the time that I watch ongoing Anime airing and I team them up to the ones that I am watching.

Majority of the titles that I am watching are of Ecchi-genre, meaning more cute girls, sexy girls, and even sexual innuendo! OMG!

This is the time that I have realized that I am beyond my expectations already.

The Anime Figures Saga


This was the last photo uploaded into my blog which features all of my recently collected Nendoroid figures.

Around 2009, I went into a certain Anime shop where they had sold many Anime items there, mostly mainstreamed Anime. When I went to the figures section, I saw a figure which suited up my interests and favoritism. This was the time that I hooked myself into Nendoroid figures by Good Smile Company. When I decided to buy it, I was happy and I immediately went back home to check it out. When I checked that online, I was surprised and found out that my figure has an imitation. I was just thinking that it was a warning and I just ignored it.

This was a long story for me about discussing bootleg figures. I think this will be discussed on a future post that I am about to make soon.

In year 2012, this was the beginning of my saga of Nendoroid collection. In the present, I have accumulated about 15+ Nendoroids in stable.

The Hyperdimension Neptunia Saga


The only Anime series in which I can’t seem to move on…

In this saga of my Anime fandom, it will tackle about my favoritism about the Neptunia (Neptune) series. I got a previous post entry that tackles about my experiences about this series. See this post for details.

PRESENT: My Watching of Anime Series is Slowly Declining?

I know that many more Anime series popping out of nowhere, as well as sequels and spin-offs of it. This was the time that I am slowly declining watching Anime because not only I have no time watching them or being lazy, but the limitations of streaming ability of the Internet connection that I am using.

I still watch Anime, but not too often. I just only pick the ones that suits best of my liking.


Kantai Collection -KanColle- was the very last Anime to watch in my entire Anime list. It was been a year after watching this epic Anime featuring the KanMusu (Fleet/Ship Girls).

Another thing that declines my watching of Anime is the etchetera stuff that is somehow surrounding me (i.e. PS Vita gaming, online gaming on my smartphone or tablet, toy photography, and designing stuff). Most of these things occur when I least expect them. For example, if I am going to decide to create a Photoshopped version of a picture, and I think of another stuff like creating a web template (which is an off-topic), that previous work, the Photoshopping, will be dropped aside and declined. That was actually the same to some people (I think) when they watch Anime. They drop that series when they were bored thinking that the story has no progress at all and they go to the next Anime after.

Got confused of what I have said? Actually, it was the same when I go also to my Nendoroid and Anime Figure photography as well.

To Be Continued…?

There are incoming posts that I am about to make soon. These are about:

  1. Why I Like to Watch Ecchi Anime?
  2. How Bootleg Figures Affected my Reputation as a Nendoroid Fan?
  3. What Was the Reason Why People Get Easily Lazy in Achieving Something?

Thank you for your time reading this post! More Nendoroid and Anime Figure photography to come from me, soon!


3 thoughts on “O & E: My History in Watching Anime

  1. Well, I think I understand a bit about that dropping-anime-series thing. But for me, it’s not because i find it boring, there are some anime series that I haven’t continue watching, not saying that I drop it though because maybe sometime later I’ll watch it again haha, and I even do this to a series that I’m actually very interested to watch, but I really need a desire to watch it, and sometimes I just lost it, and things are coming to me, like college or gaming or even new series and then I just forget to continue watching it lol

    • Thanks for your comment! I think another reason people ‘drop’ Anime is probably that the nature or the genre of that show mismatches to the person’s level of interest or favoritism. As of my status, I only pick Anime which matches my level of interest or favoritism. 😀

      • Yeah me too. In my case, not like you who like ecchi things, I don’t like it, and if there’s ecchi I usually drop it after watching 1 episode or even stop halfway xD well, there are a few anime that has ecchi and I still watch it though, I really like the story so I can bear watching it ahaha

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