“For another time has come, another change is coming.”

Starting my next following posts, it will feature some new segments in my blog. This will include the new category post, the O and E’s, or in long words, the Opinions and Experiences section.


I first started with the post called “Hyperdimensional Game Experience” wherein I expressed my experiences as well as my opinions about playing the Neptunia series that I have been liking for a long time.

Opinions and Experiences (O and E’s)

This part tackles about my experiences and opinions in life. This includes my video gaming experiences on a certain game or more, figures and toys photography, and more.

I have started this a long time ago, but since that time I focus more on photography than blogging, I decided to add this segment as a feature. Now, more than just story-telling on my photograph stills, I can give my own opinions and experiences about them.


This ends my updates. Tune in to my Twitter account for some other updates!


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