Today was a busy day. Here are the following updates that I had made so far since the past week and today. I will also include here my future projects to be published soon.

Literature Posts (Short Stories and Blog Post Series)

As of today, so far, six (6) short stories and two (2) blog post series were published here in my blog. I was planning to create a new literature post project, but due to the number of things that are entering into my mind, future posts like this shall be put into a hiatus for the meantime. Until I get my job done to my other agenda, I won’t be able to post new ones. Meanwhile, tune-in to and follow my Twitter account for some further status updates regarding this.


“NOOOOOO….. Please do not faint!”

Instagram Photo Posts

As stated above that I have put my future projects in hiatus, I will continue posting photos in my Instagram account. Those photos are just only one-shot, so there is no worry for me in editing too much (the watermarking part).


“The flooring is so cold to the skin!”

Other Management (Sub Page and Another Blog)

While keeping to manage my blog as active as it can, I forgot to manage other sub-units, like the Facebook sub-page that I am also managing, and the video gaming and toys blog. So far, I try to manage to post on either one of those sub-units as soon as possible, but my time management is not enough to supply those two. Last week, I had made a blog post on the video gaming and toys blog. Making a blog post is not easy, as you need to type word by word and you need to check the format of your sentences, as well as uploading photos corresponding to your blog post topic. You must know that I only operate those sub-units by myself and only alone. That is how difficult a one-man admin operates the main and sub-units of his or her agenda at the same time. Internet connection with stability is also needed to keep them alive and active, otherwise I shall not be able to give out updates.


“Internet… Why did you fail me? Why?”

Other Project: Web Development Stuff

As of today, I am trying to do WordPress theme development, as well as putting some functions with it. Since most of the functions are made with PHP, most of the functions that I call are mostly called and performed by the WordPress back-end core, meaning that the functions were already pre-made and they were ready to call. I am just reading the documentation, tutorials and tips given when I tried doing a search. This was the reason why I got delayed in posting new projects to be posted soon in my blog.


“This was the Error 404 page that I made recently on the theme that I am constructing. This was also just a sample format made by me.”

Future Project: Nendoroid Photo Book?

I have been seeing and hearing those photo books circulating around the web. Those photo books serve as the photographers/artists’ portfolio of their works. That was similar in having a web portfolio of my works, which I am soon wanting to pursue.


“Get strong first, and try to see with me again if you are ready.”

In my future development and progress of my skill, I shall be posting soon my photo book of my works. Tune in to and follow my Twitter account for some updates regarding this!


And that ends the updates today! Hope that my future projects shall be materialized soon as the time progresses!


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