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Chapter 6 (Final): The Blog Idol


Date and Gackpo will now announce the winner.

DATE: Are you ready to announce the winner of this contest?

(The audience screamed louder and some are cheering for Noel.)

GACKPO: People are you ready?

(The scream intensifies more…)

DATE: Okay, now! The winner or the new blog idol is…

GACKPO: And the winner is…

The contestants’ fingers were crossed.

DATE: I have to apologize. I am sorry.


GACKPO: Date? What’s the matter?

DATE: Actually, the rules in this contest are… There should be a no-tie winner.

GACKPO: So what should we do about it?

DATE: This contest has no winner. That’s all. Take a look at the score card.

GACKPO: What? (Ricca and Noel got a tie? Maybe the judges are just stupid or something…)


RICCA: I am seeing something strange at this contest. This is not fair.

DATE: Not fair? But rules are rules! It was set by the blog owner, not ours! In fact, the rules was there should be a no-tie winner!

The blog owner steps at the front making statement.

“Actually, you are all winners to me. Irregardless if you are dumb or smart, you are still a winner to me. The reason I make this contest is to show everyone your hidden talent and feelings, not just showing your cute and charming moves. And about the reason why you want to be an idol, your answers are all correct. No one gets a wrong answer. I will formally announce that the winner of this contest goes to… All of you!”

Everyone got relieved because of the announcement. Because of these, they clapped their hands together.


However, Ricca goes to Noel and she tries congratulating her.

RICCA: You should be the new blog idol instead. I congratulate your performance earlier!

NOEL: Thank you Miss Ricca! I am so happy!

RICCA: In fact, you should be happy because most of the audiences’ eyes were all on you now! Noel, please sing that song for us once again!

NOEL: Okay! Yes, I will do!


The song plays and everybody is celebrating.


NEPTUNE: That song again… It is fun hearing it!

SATURN: And I love it so!

DATE: And this ends the blog idol contest!

GACKPO: We will see each other again… Someday!

Sometimes, just doing your best is not enough. Sometimes, you don’t need effort to win – this was just a reversed statement. Just at least, you have to fight to the end until your life is running out. Your sacrifice should not be put into meaningless actions. You should not destroy of what you have started. Once you have made it far, there is no option for you to turn back. This is what your hardwork does. It is something that you should put your heart’s content into it no matter if it is ugly or not. In fact, you should be proud, since a single achievement will instantly made your loved ones love you and believe you more. The more you work hard for something, the more they will love you.

Never give up the good fight, for you will know that it will come to you someday.



Post-production shot. It took me about approximately three hours to complete the photo shoot.

😀 Thank you for reading and viewing! Have a happy day forward! 😀


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