The following blog post series may contain inappropriate themes and language not suitable for minors. Parental supervision or guidance is advised.

Pre-Chapter 4 Scene (Please Tap or Click ‘Read More’ to Proceed Reading Chapter 4.)


NEPTUNE: Did you know how to attract an Onii-chan?

SATURN: Even if you say that, I already know it.


NEPTUNE: Hey, just watch what I will do!

SATURN: Huh? Aren’t you going to strip to them?

NEPTUNE: No, I will not! There is a way on how to attract them easily!

SATURN: Okay, now what is it?

(Neptune turns around and faces to Saturn…)


NEPTUNE: Onii-chan… Please notice my innocent face!

SATURN: Aw, gross! Get away from me, you jerk! >.<

Chapter 4: Charming Contest (Final Wave)

DATE: And the last contestant who will present, will be… Noel! Give her a round of applause!


The audience clapped their hands and at the same time they cheer. All of these stopped when Noel was freezing thinking of what to do.

NOEL: (Please… Help me…)

Noel thinks back of what Megami-sama had taught her. She will use that to surpass her fears. Then, she finally makes her presentation.

(Music plays…)


Noel releases her leaf umbrella and she begins to dance and sing with the song. Here are the following lines of the lyrics:

♪ Walking in the light,
Walking in the night,
Rain or shine you are always there dancing,
At a time you were there rising and awakening. ♪

♪ Going through the rain,
Erasing sad and pain,
But the love is always standing right there,
I find you, but seemingly can’t find you nowhere. ♪

♪ No matter how hard you try,
You should always never cry,
When you go for an extra mile,
I want always to see you smile. ♪

♪ Passing through the rain,
Overcoming the pain,
I am with you always all the time,
Together our love and feelings will rhyme. ♪

♪ Cutting through the dark,
Reaching to the mark,
Take my umbrella and keep walking,
Because in the end I was there standing. ♪

♪ Let our promise be true forever… ♪

The fans were somehow impressed at Noel’s cute expressions.

DATE: WOW! That presentation looks good! So good from the previous five contestants around!

GACKPO: Now, let us go the the judges!


The judges were somehow got infatuated at Noel’s presentation. They were lying down on the floor.

NEPTUNE: That was excellent! I can’t seem to move on!

SATURN: Cool! This one is cool!

Wow, was that it? Could she be the first blog idol?

The contest is not over! The second to the last part of the contest was about to start soon!



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