The following blog post series may contain inappropriate themes and language not suitable for minors. Parental supervision or guidance is advised.

Chapter 3: Charming Contest (Second Wave)

It is now the time for the second set of contestants who will perform!


Meanwhile, Noel, the last contestant, was very nervous and sad. She doesn’t know what to do and she can’t think of a talent to present.

NOEL: I envy the other contestants there. It seems I won’t be able to present my piece very well. Maybe I should just back out.


Suddenly, an angel of light has shown at the front of her.

MEGAMI-SAMA (MADOKA): Whether you quit or not, you will fall to the same ending.

NOEL: Megami-sama!

MEGAMI-SAMA (MADOKA): Just do not be affected by the words of others. Just be you. Be yourself. I believe in you… You can do it!

NOEL: But how…? How could I overcome my fear in myself?

MEGAMI-SAMA (MADOKA): Hmm… Do you wish to become the best? Okay, just bow down your head and close your eyes. Imagine what is inside you. You will find the answer.


NOEL: Okay.

MEGAMI-SAMA (MADOKA): … Just believe in yourself that you can do it! Do not let that dark fear conquer you! In fact, the fear inside you should be feared by you! Noel, I will teach you something that will reach the hearts of the people.


MEGAMI-SAMA (MADOKA): Are you ready to have it?

This is the time when Noel listened to her and she was ready to take it.


Back at the stage, Gackpo makes announcement for the second part of the Charming Contest.

GACKPO: The next contestant would be Tohka! Umm… Miss Tohka?


TOHKA: I am here. And I am ready to cast a ball of fire because of waiting for nothing!

GACKPO: Wait! That is not the part of the contest! Do not blow me up! Please!


(Gackpo dodges…)

GACKPO: Whew… That was close!

TOHKA: Don’t you have any idea what time is it? I have been waiting patiently!

GACKPO: :-O Huh?


TOHKA: I am just acting cool. And acting is a part of the talent, anyway. Well, sorry about that. That is the only thing I can present.

GACKPO: Acting? As in stage acting? That’s cool! I think acting includes being shy, angry, or shouting. Hmm, what could be the reaction of the fans out there? Judges, what’s your reaction?


NEPTUNE: >o< That was the crappiest talent I have ever seen! Acting like you cry or you throw objects on the wall, was somehow interesting, but not worth it.

SATURN: Just don’t use your powers to blow up a building or someone! I had almost marked you for disqualification, but you seemingly put an effort to get back to the stage. I may like your acting, but not very much. I hope that you can pass through the next stage. For me, you are passed, but that doesn’t mean it is over.

(The audience somehow clapped…)


GACKPO: It seems I am feeling sleepy right now, haha.


GACKPO: Sorry, sorry! I am just feeling the coolness of the glass flooring. It is so good! Anyway, let us go to the next contestant. She is Morizono Ricca!


(Ricca enters the stage…)

RICCA: Okay, now I will show you on how to change my clothes to another clothes of mine! It is simple!


RICCA: I will just place a board in front of me with my head revealed. Then, count in three… two… one…


RICCA: TA-DAH! It has changed! This is a magic!

(The audience clapped and screams…)

GACKPO: Thank you for your presentation! Now, is it a pass to our judges?


NEPTUNE: That was amazing, friend! That was almost similar to my transforming technique to my Megami form, though! Wow, and changing your clothes to another one for three seconds, that looked so good to me!

SATURN: Neptune is right, though. I have never seen like changing clothes for at least three seconds! Okay, good luck on the next stage!

DATE: And that ends Ricca’s presentation!

GACKPO: The last performer is almost ready. Shall we call her now?

Noel was somehow ready. What presentation or piece she will present to the audience?



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