The following blog post series may contain inappropriate themes and language not suitable for minors. Parental supervision or guidance is advised.

Chapter 2: Charming Contest (First Wave)

So then, after the contestants have been introduced, it is time to go to the next segment of the contest!


DATE: I think it is time to go to the next part!

GACKPO: What’s that could be? I think almost all contests, especially pageants, are having this part.

DATE: We call this the charming competition!

GACKPO: Hmm, I think this is not a typical contest about talents.

DATE: Hey, this part is also called the talent contest!

GACKPO: Um… Very confusing. Will you explain to the audience what is that so-called Charming Contest and explain the difference between it and the talent contest?


DATE: SIMPLE! Charming Contest is about contestants who will show their ‘cute’ and ‘charming’ appearance by showing off using their talents! About that talent contest you have mentioned, well the difference is that they differ with style. But the mutual between them is talent and expression. Likewise, charm plus talent is equal to ‘Moe’ points!

GACKPO: Now I get it. Both Charm and talent have mutual similarities.

DATE: Okay! The objective of this contest is to show your moves, punchline words or jokes, or anything that pleases the viewers! It is up to them on how they will present!

GACKPO: Let us not waste time! Since it is the start, the next part of the contest will now commence!

DATE: This is The Blog Idol!

GACKPO: Let us call now the first contestant, Nyaruko, to show off her charm!


First contestant to present will be Nyaruko. What could be her talent?

It seems Nyaruko was just showing her cute moves and showing her charm to the audience. After making her cute pose, she suddenly made her line.

NYARUKO: A guy’s kiss is like a sweet candy. If it is sweet, you will continuously lick it more!

(The audience screams…)

DATE: ALRIGHT! Thank you, Nyaruko!

GACKPO: Okay, let us find out if it was approved by the judges!


The judges made turn.

NEPTUNE: About that quote or joke you made, that was interesting! That joke was somehow filled with innuendo speech that no one knows about.

SATURN: Your moves are really charming and sexy! I know that not all men like the way you move, but some are attracted to your jokes. Anyway, job well done!

DATE: Now, let us move to the next contestant! Next will be… Suigintou!


(Suigintou steps up to the stage as the audience applauses. She then changed her expression and start making her words.)

SUIGINTOU: There was a guy named ‘You’ and he said, “Love needs you!” Actually, he was referring to himself!

She made another one.

SUIGINTOU: I can’t copy notes from you. My notebook is not a computer! You can’t just CTRL+C and CTRL+P.

(The crowd clapped their hands with cheer.)


Now, we will see if judges approved it.

NEPTUNE: Your punchlines aren’t somehow attractive, but somehow, they were creative!

SATURN: It is fun hearing jokes here. There are still more jokes, and you can still do better. Good luck on your next stage!


Now, off to the next contestant! It will be Akemi Homura’s turn! Homura somehow did her elegant pose while holding her gun. Then, she made her line.

HOMURA: Am I the only one here… Who makes funny jokes about this contest?

(The audience was somehow shocked, but continued cheering.)

HOMURA: There is a saying that: If you fall the glass to the floor, there is no way you can fix it. Same goes to the love that is very sensitive and if you fall it, you can’t easily fix it.

(The audience clapped their hands.)


Now, let’s go to the judges!

NEPTUNE: Your lines are very serious! Even me… I was intimidated!

SATURN: Try to make your statement humorous. Because somehow, your lines are somehow dark, but funny. Anyway, you still have a chance! Good luck on the next stage!

DATE: It looks like we have ended our first half!

GACKPO: And there are still more to come.

DATE: Now, let us go to the second half of the competition!

GACKPO: ALRIGHT! This is still the Charming Contest! Only here at The Blog Idol!

Second half is under way! What kind of talent that the other three have besides making playful jokes or lines?



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