The following blog post series may contain inappropriate themes and language not suitable for minors. Parental supervision or guidance is advised.

Chapter 1: The Introduction of Contestants

All of the Nendoroids were gathered up for an event. And that is, the owner announced that he is going to pick one Nendoroid to represent as the ‘blog idol’.

What is a blog idol? A blog idol is the one who will cheer the fans by introducing the owner’s blog content, including his works for Nendoroid photography, as well as his other works like drawing and other stuff. That Nendoroid is almost served as the mascot of the blog.

Now, Date and Gackpo step up to the front and they made announcement to the audience. They serve as the MC’s (master of ceremonies).


DATE: Welcome to The Blog Idol contest! This is the event wherein a certain Nendoroid will become a future blog idol!

GACKPO: The question is: Who could be the one?


DATE: This is the event on who could be this year’s blog idol! Let’s find it out!

GACKPO: It looks like I am very excited about the outcome of this event, don’t you?

DATE: Let us not waste time here! It is time to call the contestants! Yes, they come from various worlds and they were here to compete for the crown!

GACKPO: Okay, let us start… THE BLOG IDOL!

DATE: The first one will be from the Crawling Chaos world. It is none other than Nyaruko!


(The crowd cheering rises…)

GACKPO: The second one is a mysterious one! She came from the Doll World! Please give welcome to Suigintou!


(The crowd cheers…)

DATE: Next is… From the Magica World… Akemi Homura!


(Cheering intensifies)

GACKPO: The fourth one comes from the World of the Spirits. She was called as the Princess Spirit! Her name is Tohka!


(The crowd cheers…)

DATE: Let’s give a round of applause to the fifth contestant! Morizono Ricca! She came from the mysterious world Hatsunejima!


(Crowd cheers intensifies more…)

GACKPO: And lastly, we give the round of applause to the sixth and final contestant, Noel!


(Crowd somehow cheered and clapped, but at the same time, they laughed.)


DATE: And now, let us also give a round of applause to our judges, Neptune and Saturn!


GACKPO: Whew, I am really excited to see the outcome of the contest. The question is: Who could be the one?

DATE: Alright, let us get the party started! Our first segment of the contest will start!

Now that the future idols have been introduced. What could be the next segment to be done for them? This time, what could be the talents that the six contestants will present? Is it something with feelings or is it something which is trash?



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