Now that I have finished the draft of my next blog post series,  it is the time for me to take the pictures or the output for that post! It will somehow take me whole day to finish it, but worth the work!

Make sure to tune in to my official Twitter account for some updates, since that time I have been transferring all of my blog-related updates there! This includes the sub-page that I have been managing, and the recently opened gaming and toy blog.


“It is fun that our first blog post series featured on this blog was successful! Can’t wait to see more!”

Mentioning about the first blog post series, somehow it catches the attention of some viewers. Well, the blog post series that I have made is somehow arousing, since the title somehow catches the viewers’ minds. Although just few have watched this blog post series, this had encouraged me to do another one.

About the next blog post series that I will materialize soon, I will soon announce the title. And that is… the answer was in my Twitter account.

This was the major update that I have made in this Nendoroid photography blog. I hope that I could improve soon. This had improved my story-telling abilities.

Some Updates of My Fellow Nendoroid Friends

While doing some stuff on the social media and my blog, my fellow friends have been doing some stuff in their collection, like:


My fellow Nendoroid friend, Nendomeow, has recently got her new Neko baby! I mean… a new Nendoroid, Nya-tan!


One of my Nendo buddies, Deadshooter has been doing his 365 photo challenge this year! He was on his 1/3 quota!


And that ends the updates! Tune in for more! You can flip the pages of this blog to know more about my works!

One thought on “Update: Upcoming Blog Post Series Soon

  1. I really liked your new neko girls! Heehee *evil grin* wait, that doesn’t fit me at all – haha!

    Looking forward your new set of photo shoot and the story 🙂

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