The following blog post series contain sexual references/innuendo not suitable to all. Read and view photos at your own discretion.

“What kind of favor do you want me to do, my sister?” asked Shiromi from Kuromi.


Then Kuromi replied, “It is very simple, my sister. All you have to do is very simple. Now, take that skirt off!”

“W-w-what? I am gonna… take my skirt off?”

“Yes! What else can you do? That’s the only way, right?”

“But what do you mean that I am gonna take my skirt off?”

“There is a reason behind that. Take it off now and I will be back in a while.”


Shiromi can’t do anything but to keep herself blushed. Her cat was looking at her.

When Shiromi realized the words made by her sister, Kuromi, she was attempted to do it. Then, she finally removes her blue skirt and puts it aside.


“I really hated to do this but… I feel that I am on an adrenaline rush!” said Shiromi.

Her cat was looking at her and it gave her a meow voice.


When Kuromi is back, she said and asked, “How was it, my dear sister? Was it fun and amusing?”

“I-I… I…” Shiromi was somehow embarrassed.

“Let me explain this stuff to you. In fact, you were more cuter than I am!”

“What do you mean?”

“With your skirt off, you have drawn some guys out there for attention. And now, they will after your charm!”


“So, do you feel it now, my sister? Now, show me your charm!”

Then, Shiromi begins to move and show her charm.


And here’s another in a different angle…


Nyan-nyan-nyan~ ♥ !

“Oh my gosh! You look so charming than me!” said Kuromi.

“Nyan… I can’t believe that I am making it this far!” said Shiromi.


When I entered the area, I saw the Neko Girl sisters standing in front of me. Then Kuromi said, “Thank you for taking good care of us. May I have a request?”

I just agreed and I listened to her request.

“Can we go to ‘that place’ again?”

“Ah, okay,” I said in affirmation and I brought them to that place where I first found them.


I used my phone and I played a soulful dance music which is well suited to them. And together, they dance in front of me. I have never seen these girls with skirtless outfits and that makes me well infatuated! My goodness, my life is complete.

At the end of their show, they said, “Will you take us with you home? Will you let us stay?”

And that ends the story.

The End.


Post-production shot!

Thank you for playing with us! ♥


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