The following blog post series contain sexual references/innuendo not suitable to all. Read and view photos at your own discretion.

That time, we finally went back home. Kuromi felt the different aura compared that she was just outside the fields. When she felt something strange, she went to that area – the area where her lost sister was there. Finally, I followed her and I listened to their conversations.


“Now that I have finally found you, my lost sister,” Kuromi said.

“No way…” Shiromi said. “How did you figure out that I am here?”

“Thanks to that guy whom I have met. I finally got a clue on where are you hiding.”

“That’s not fair!”


“Don’t you have any idea why did you run away? Why did you do this to me?”

“It is not that I hate you or something. I just…”

“I don’t need your witty explanations! All I need is your apology!”

“I… I just run because… I really hate that you were more attractive than me.”

“Hmm… Is that all? But don’t say that because you were jealous.”


“Yes… Because I am very jealous… Of you.”

“Don’t say that. You know that we were born with unique abilities. You know that you have some skills and characteristics that I don’t have. Don’t make an excuse if you were envy because you lack of that skill. Remember that you can overcome that and you will be successful!”


“Sister… I am sorry.”


“It is alright, my dear sister. Now you realize that nobody is incomplete. Yes, we were all complete! Remember that I am always by your side watching over you.”

“Thank you, sis! I am quite heartened!”


“Hey, don’t ever leave me again, okay? Promise me, don’t ever do that again, okay?”

“I promise, my sister! I shall never leave you!”

“But let me do a favor to you, as a sister.”

“What is it, my sister?”

I was surprised when Kuromi tried asking Shiromi that favor. What could it be? Could it be some kind of punishment – a punishment that she won’t ever forget?

To be continued.


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