The following blog post series contain sexual references/innuendo not suitable to all. Read and view photos at your own discretion.

One day, when I was strolling around the park, I saw some mysterious cat-like person. Well, I have been encountering some Neko Girls – they are mysterious creatures who appear as cats in a form of cute girls. I have no idea where did they come from.


Going back to my statement, I saw some mysterious Neko Girl facing on the wall. What is she doing there? I have no idea. So then, I try talking to her.


“What do you want from me?” the Neko Girl asked me in an angered expression.

I was just trying to ask her gently, but why she was angry at me? Well, I just kept looking at her.

“What are you looking at? Do you want me to scratch you?”

I just suddenly tell this to her, “You know, you should try to be cool instead. There is a random guy like me who wants to talk with you nicely. While you are in a hot-headed state, I am just making myself cool. You know that smiling is cool that releasing anger.”

“Oh, really? But shut up! It is none of your business talking to me like that!”

“Really? Just tell me. You do really like to be cuddled by other people, don’t you?”

“W-w-what?? It is not that I like to be cuddled or something… I just… just… Hmmph!”

“If you keep it up like that, then no one will like and love you more.”

The Neko Girl finally cools off her head and she took a deep breath.

“Okay, you look so gorgeous! Show me everything… Everything that you have!”

“What do you mean by that? Am I going to…?”

“Yes. But do not expose everything.”



So, the Neko Girl finally shown her moves in cuteness. I am, somehow, infatuated with charm.


“Let me ask you something, Miss Neko Girl.”

“What is it?”

“Why aren’t you wearing any skirt? Was that an addition to cuteness?”

“W-W-WHAT?? You idiot! Do not look at me like that!”

“Oh, sorry. I am just like this when I look at the pictures of random cute and sexy Anime girls.”

“In short, you are a pervert. Oh well…”


After some infatuating cute dance, this is the time that I asked her some questions. I then said and asked, “I have been seeing you lately. What are you looking for?”

“Do you want me to tell you?” asked and said the Neko Girl. “I was looking for my lost sister. She was named Shiromi.”

When I heard that name, my heart was pounding. Shiromi was actually at my house staying!

“Why are you being so nervous? Was there something wrong?”

“No, nothing! Hey, let me know your name.”

“I am Shiromi’s older sister, Kuromi. Hey, take me with you to your home. I have no place to go.”

“Alright. Just behave and don’t do something harsh.”

“Thank you.”

Now that I have taken Kuromi to her new home, what she doesn’t know that her sister was there! What event could be awaiting?

To be continued.


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