As you have noticed, many of my projects in line have been delayed again and I did not expect it to happen. Since a lot of things coming forth to me as an offer, I decided to put my other projects in my blog on hold unless stated. But, the posting of my photos in Instagram and Facebook will still be updated.

Here are some things which made me busy and prevented me from posting frequently:

1. Cellphone and Gaming e-Load and e-Pins

Since I lived here in PH and cellphone loads are meant to be a boom in business (as in e-loading is a demand to most people), I am currently on a business of this field. Of course, with the help of my younger brother, I was able to get some money in my reloads, a bit.

2. Alternate Facebook Page Posting

I am currently managing ‘another Facebook Page’ just to share some ideas about current events and issues that happen today and in the past. Due to the number of things that enter in my mind, I sometimes put that page on hold from posting. Check no. 3 for more.

3. The Recently-Opened Blogger Site

While I have nothing to post on my blog or in the alternate Facebook page, I just recently opened a blog on Blogger (owned by Google). The name of that blog is called The Asobi Network. That blog talks about my opinions and experiences about video games, and also it talks about toys and action figures. Finally, it talks about news about those mentioned, if there is any.

Ending Post

Now you know my current condition now. I know it is a part of growing up. But every fan should understand what are those meaning to them. Cheers everyone and try to stay tuned for my future Instagram and Facebook photo posts!


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