At the time when I do jogging on the wide streets, I saw someone who was looking at the grasses and flowers. She was with her personal cat.


“I wonder why she was wearing school uniform…” I said. “Maybe some random fetishism for some male Otakus?”

I also noticed that she was having white cat ears and a tail. It was my first time seeing this. But, I know it is common in Anime to see girls in their cute neko (cat) appearance and it adds some moe points to it.


Later, the neko girl turned around and her face was turning red. Then she said, “A random guy! Don’t look at me like that! I am scared Hey, you cat! Attack that one!”

The cat did not respond to her command. It was just calm and was sitting down looking at me.

I maybe intimidated, but irregardless of her kawaii appearance, I said, “You may be cute, but somehow your warm and affectionate love has captured my attention.”


“You what?” She was surprised and asked, “What do you mean by that? Do you mean… you like me?

“It is not that I like you or something, but… Your aura has somehow drawn me to-”

“Follow me. Go to that place.”

“What do you mean place? And where is it?”

The neko girl pounced away from me and it seems that I got no other choice but to follow her.

Until, I ended up on an abandoned parking lot. I saw her over there.


I noticed that her neko habit was beginning to disappear. Her hands turned into a real human hands. But, her tails and ears remain. She was no longer blushing and I saw her enticing smile on her face. Suddenly, she stretched out her hands inviting me to embrace her.

“You know,” I said. “I was lonely and I need somebody to make me happy and healthy for my lifetime.”

“Then, I can make you happy!” she said.

I then finally embraced her and our feelings have been exchanged.

This is the time that I said this, “It is because we laugh, argue and fight, cry, and play at each other. This is the moment that I would remember in my life that no matter what happens, we should keep the love alive. It is love that makes us strong in our adventures and struggles. I will never forget the things that you have taught to me. A person, who makes me happy at all times, and always differentiates the right and wrong, was always there for me and she will never leave me alone. Though physically absent, but spiritually present, I should never forget that the person who will guide me is there to assist me in my struggle for my adventures in life. It is just because no matter who you are, whether appearance that you have, you will always be my sister.”


The neko girl finally said, “May I call you my brother? I love you!”

“Yes, I love you, too.”

The End.

Post-Photography Credits

Nendoroid and Parts Used:

  • Sophie Hojo hair (Nendoroid Co-de Hair Parts)
  • Morizono Ricca body (No. 334)
  • Noel legs and primary face (No. 498)
  • Yoshino face part – O.O (No. 395)
  • Nendoroid After Parts (Cat Accessories – Ears, Tails, Paws, and Cat)

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