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What makes them unique when you buy these cute Nendoroids? In my recent post question last year in the Nendoroid Philippines group, they gave me these following answers below.


“Cuteness kills.”

1. There are just cute… Just for fun!

This is the generic answer that I have received in the comments section. They are cute to look at, to play with, and to collect. People collect Nendoroids because they look at it as cute and charming.

2. Customization Capability


“Create your own cute and strongest Nendoroid!”

Some people collect Nendoroids because they want to use their parts to create some unique designs. The trending part in this hobby is you collect them, then mixing their parts to create a unique, awesome avatar. That’s why people decide to ‘split’ and buy or sell Nendoroid parts just to use them. Sometimes, people don’t just rely on the original design. So what they do is to collect split parts from various Nendoroids and to repaint them. Others use some customization parts and they add it to their Nendoroids.

3. Face Expressions


“The ‘XD’ face is what I like here. Some faces like these are used by some characters, like Hatsune Miku.”

The one thing I like most in this hobby is their face expressions. Face expressions add some quality features to a Nendoroid, thus bringing their dramatic actions to life. These parts of other Nendoroids can be used from one to another.

Good Smile Company released recently the face parts as addition to Nendoroid’s face expressions. These parts can be used on almost all Nendoroids.

4. Pose Capability (ups and downs)



For posing capability, there are some ups and downs on it.

The downside of the Nendoroid was its limited pose-ability. It is because some parts, such as the arm parts, are static and unmovable. The favorite pose that I would like to do with the Nendoroid is the ‘ready to hug’ pose. I just simply move the arm parts to the front part so that the hands stretch to the front, and it somehow exhibits the hug pose. Some Nendoroids are articulated and can be posed in any pose they want.

The advantage of these poses is that you may create a pose that is somehow unexpecting. This happens somehow in Nendoroid split parts. Although the pose is limited, you can use some mixed parts and create a pose that is unique, or somehow create something by accident or unexpected combination of poses! In other words, try experimenting on parts.


Nendoroids are cute and fun to collect and knowing that not only you look at their cute appearance, but to play and photograph with them. Nendoroids are customizable, meaning that you can mix their parts so that you can create a unique avatar of yourself, or make some other characters that doesn’t exist before. I know that some Nendoroids have limited pose-ability, but using them wisely is the key of having a successful photograph of them.


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