This is purely fan-made and it has no relation to the two original Anime stories mentioned.


Purple Heart is Neptune’s Goddess form which is her default form. Photo credits to the owner and source.

We see Neptune as an ordinary Hyperdimension Neptunia character. But what if we see her cosplay as an another character? I have been thinking of this idea for the long time when I was mixing up Nendoroid parts. The outcome is somehow… interesting!

Now, I will call her cosplay as Modes (forms)! Go check it out!

I have been trying to crossover it with the Date A Live Nendoroids that I have in the roster.



1. Neptune Tohka Mode


Power: 4/5 Vitality: 3/5 Speed: 3/5


Tohka Mode is Neptune’s first form. She uses the Spirit Memory of Yatogami Tohka, allowing her to access some of her abilities. Tohka Mode’s stats are average, only her attack power is slightly higher than the two stats. This Mode is commonly used when fighting a regular enemy who is less powerful. Also, this provides Neptune some plenty of sword attacks, as well as shots made of pure energy.

My Comment: Her leg parts are falling off easily. This was due to her default leg parts which caused the loosening of the joints of the legs. I have no problems with her hair part. The only thing is that it won’t easily close the parts together.


2. Neptune Kurumi Mode


Power: 2/5 Vitality: 3/5 Speed: 5/5


Kurumi Mode is Neptune’s second form, and it can be accessed by using the Spirit Memory of Tokisaki Kurumi. Her speed is very high and powerful, but consequently weak in attacking power. Her super-speeding and time-manipulating abilities are her advantages in combat, thus making this Mode a fearful force to be matched with.

My Comment: Same with the Tohka Mode, her leg parts are easily falling off, so you must need to carry her with the legs attached together. Definitely, it is a combination that somehow never made me impressed that much due to her face and eye color do not match with the parts.


3. Neptune Yoshino Mode


Power: 4/5 Vitality: 2/5 Speed: 4/5


Yoshino Mode is Neptune’s third form. Can be accessed by using Yoshino’s Spirit Memory. She can be speedy and powerful, but easily get tired. Her notable powerful magical attacks are her key in winning. Besides using this Mode for combat, this can allow Neptune to walk over and cross a lake or a river. One of the features of this Mode is that she can summon a puppet on her left hand, Yoshinon. Yoshinon can tell and analyze an enemy’s weakness or parameters.

My Comment: This Mode is cute to underestimate. Color do not match, but when you switch her face, the cuteness is still there.


4. Neptune Kotori Mode


Power: 5/5 Vitality: 4/5 Speed: 1/5


Kotori Mode is Neptune’s fourth form. Itsuka Kotori’s Spirit Memory can be used allowing Neptune to access this form and abilities. This form is somehow stronger among the other three, but greatly, she was weak in speed. This Mode is a force to be feared by the enemies due to her nature of her aura and power. One deadly swing of her axe can cause severe damage or even death. This Mode also has its limits. The dangerous feature that Neptune has to face is the ability to go in ‘Burst State’ wherein the Mode can actually begin to take over her mind once she reached her limit in fighting. During ‘Burst State’, Neptune fights continuously and her stats, especially her attacking power, are above normal. Eventually, something will trigger and once after she finishes off her enemy mercilessly, she will suddenly lose her consciousness.

My Comment: Although that her parts are loose, especially her legs, this is the Mode that I loved most than the other three. I forgot to tell that I have experienced difficulty in attaching some hand parts. Since the joints of the hands are very tight, I simply applied a little pressure to that part and I stopped pressuring it forward once it has reached its limit. My advice is: Do not forcibly insert the joint, especially the hand parts as deep as you can. If you do, once you removed it after some shoot, you noticed that the default hand part joint of the Nendoroid figure begins to loosen and it will easily fall off. I have experienced that before. So exercise caution when you try attaching parts which are very tight to insert.


Neptune can actually access these forms called Modes. Modes can be accessed by using a special memory called the Spirit Memories. Spirit Memories are mysterious memory cards that were found somewhere in the lands and they contained the spiritual bodies and souls of the Spirits, thus granting the user some abilities. Some Modes are stronger or weaker than others, but using them tactically can help you win.

During the making of this, I have experienced some little difficulties while inserting parts, especially the hands. If you read my comments above before, then this will explain everything.


This section are the Q&A’s. Maybe fans will ask me the same question regarding this.

Q1: How are Hyperdimension Neptunia and Date A Live related to each other?

A: Actually, this was not intentional, but… The only thing that makes them related to each other was their illustration of art. Their artworks are familiar, right? Yes, they were designed by the artist, Tsunako. Date A Live was my first clue in finding it out.

Although they share mutual artwork and design, their stories and authors are different.

Q2: Where and how did you get this idea in mixing the parts of your Nendoroids that you have?

A: The answer was simple. I got this idea from my friends or community who also loved mixing Nendoroid parts to create their own avatar. For the Neptunia and Date A Live dream crossover, I simply mixed the parts, including the hair, hands, and legs.

To tell you the truth, I am a Kamen Rider and Super Sentai fan. I got this idea when I watch a certain Kamen Rider series that features the changing of forms. Something triggered into my mind and it tells me something. I then decided to apply this habit to my Nendoroids on hand. Featuring Nendoroid Neptune as base and the other Nendoroids as equipments or forms, I came up with this idea.

Q3: If Idea Factory (Neptunia creator) and its related companies given you an opportunity or chance to adapt or produce this project as a series (like a novel adaptation, Anime, etc.), what will you do?

A: If they give me a chance, then that’s okay. I can only adapt this work if they give me permission or consent. Basically, I do not want to damage their imagery because I did something stupid. I respect the basic laws of copyright. So, if the companies told me that I may do it so, then I can go ahead! The only thing is I will spend a lot of money for royalties and etchetera. Otherwise, if Idea Factory and its related companies ordered me to take this project down or cancel it, then I will do so and take it down. Remember that the post that you have been reading this right now is only an initial proposal, not the actual yet. It is not yet materializing or put into action.


So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Why not do this to your Nendoroids sometime? Just pick one Nendoroid as a base then your other Nendoroid parts as equipments! Try it and how well will it turn out?

Cheers and have a nice day!~


All characters, series, as well as trademarks mentioned in this blog post are belonging to their respective owners and companies.


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