One afternoon, Noel was daydreaming about of what was her wish in life. She was wishing something that makes her happy for the lifetime.


Later, she went and talked to the warlord, Date, who was doing nothing but training on the fields. He stopped and asked her, “What do you want from me, kid?”


“May I ask you something, Mr. Date?” asked Noel.

“Okay. I am ready to listen.”


Noel was very shy for the first time around. Then, she tried asking this weird question, “Please, can you teach me how to make babies?”

Date was shocked hearing that question from Noel. Then, he replied, “That is the question that I cannot answer. Leave me alone for a while!”


“Oh… But I am just asking how to make one!”

Date left Noel and she was sad and disappointed.

“Maybe I said something offensive.” Noel said and she was frowning.


Later, a beautiful girl in school uniform named Ricca came and said, “Hi, Noel! I haven’t seen you in a while!”

Seeing her arrived, she just continued to frown.

“What is the matter? Did somebody bully you again?”

“No, Miss Ricca,” replied Noel. “I just said something offensive.”

“What offensive? Would you like to share it to me?”

“I just asked him on how I could make babies.”


Ricca opens her mind and she tries to read Noel’s feelings. After some few seconds, she was able to understand it.

“I wonder what did she saw from me.”

“I understand of what you feel,” said Ricca. “But you shouldn’t try saying that.”

“Okay. So I am really a bad person.”

“No, you are not! In fact, you are a good person to everybody after all.”

“Really? Thank you!”

“But Noel, do you really like to know how to make one? I will tell you since we were both girls!”

“Okay! Share it to me!”

“Noel, in order to do that, you have to show to your special someone everything. Everything inside you.”

“Everything… Inside me…”


Ricca then gave Noel a whispering message. When she heard it, she was embarrassed!

Noel can’t do anything but keeping her face red.

“Now, do you understand now how baby-making process works?”

Noel just simply nodded her head in affirmation.

“Remember that having babies is a serious matter. Do not treat them as your toys or something. Having them makes you become a good parent now, not a child anymore. Remember that! I hope that my advice will help you!”


Noel was somehow enlightened and said, “Thank you, Miss Ricca! I will now apologize to him!”

“No problem! Just tell him that you didn’t intentionally do that.”


Right then, Noel found Date standing alone. She will now make an apology.

“I am sorry for asking you that weird question. I just want to know and I was curious. I know you are angry at me, but please consider my apology!”


Date turned around to her and said, “You know what, kid… You are a cute little baby to me! So stop crying, you baby-faced kid! Haha!”

“Did you mean you are forgiving me?”

“Of course! What else do I do? You know what, I actually like it and I was curious of having one, too. I have no idea on how to make one, either.”


Noel was happy and was heartened.

“From now on, I treat you as my personal child, not an object of war. Just obey your parents, okay? (Man, I suck at parenting!)”

“Thank you, Mr. Date!”

“Now, give me a high five! You know what it is, huh?”


Noel gave Date a high five.

Making a baby is not easy. This should not be done because of fun and excitement of a person. Parenting will start and there is no way to turn back once you step in. So think responsibly and plan ahead. This is a serious matter.


This season of love, you should not misuse the power of love because you think it is fun or exciting.

The End.



Post-production shot!


  1. Noel (No. 498)
    1. O.O Face (Yoshino, No. 395)
  2. Date Masamune (No. 137)
  3. Morizono Ricca (No. 334)

Photography Location: Indoors


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