As you have noticed, I start posting some stuff on my blog. I start by making some one-shot short stories. So what could be the next project that you will expect in this blog soon? So then, I will start making some major changes and updates.

First of all, I would like to thank everybody who supported and hated me. This has given me an idea of creating a new project that will maximize my experience in Anime fandom. Yeah, I have several projects that have been failed to materialize or put into action. But this time, I am going to be more serious (I hope!).

I don’t have a group or a team who will help and support me in this project. But I know that I can handle this by myself and this task is very simple for me to do! I just only need some stable working Internet connection (I temporarily use at a certain Internet cafe) at home and that’s it! I just need to wait more and time will surely come.

Okay, let me give you some of the things to expect soon in my blog or social media:


“Let me show you my bottom for another time around!”

1. Blog Post Series

I am ready to take my next step in figure and toy photography. I want to write some series of blog posts that tells a story, not just focusing myself on photography shots alone. Okay, the project that I am doing soon is something like of a Kalyeserye by Eat Bulaga. Now, you got an idea! Remember that I may do more than one project to make myself busy at home, despite that I have no work yet.

2. The Project XV (Fifteen)! New Nendoroid joins the team!


“Watch me soon in action on Instagram!”

I recently bought a new Nendoroid last week, so expect some of her photos to come on my Instagram account soon.

3. Another Short Story Post!


“Hey, aren’t we supposed to work on a same script?”

I may post this sooner too. Remember that I have things to do besides doing this stuff, you know.


That’s it fans! See you soon! Cheers~! 😀


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