After several wars and battles, Date was training himself alone. He was using his swords and he exercises his mind and body.


“I don’t want to lose to anybody else,” said him. “That is why I wanted to be stronger.”

Training himself with his body, he was just like dancing with swords on the field.


Moments later, somebody is watching him. Date stops and said, “You have no right to interrupt my training. Get out and you have no business here!”


“Uh-oh…” said the girl in orange gothic dress. “It looks like you are upset! I am not doing anything yet!”

“I don’t care. Just get out of my sight.”

Date keeps on dancing and training. But still, the girl tries to interrupt him and said, “Your training was nice. I wanted to join you.”


“Oh, really? Thank you, lady.”

“I guess you won’t get strong any further if you don’t have someone with you.”

“Ah, man… Are you mocking me?”

“I am not mocking you. What I am saying is true.”



“Now, let me get your answer. Will you allow me to join you dancing on the fields?”

“It is training, not dancing you idiot!”

“Ah, whatever.”

“Alright. If you do something not nice, I will slice you to death! Understand?”


“May I know your name, lady? It is my first time seeing you here.”

“Call me Kurumi, Mr. Date.”

“Oh… Interesting! (But how did she know my name?)”


Kurumi observes Date’s training. Finally, she got an idea. She got the idea of dancing while training and she knows that the only missing is the sound of music.


She then stands at the front of him and said, “Like this? Do you do like this graceful move?”

Date was still frowning and angry. But moments later, he was well impressed at her moves.


He then said to Kurumi, “What makes you interested joining me?”

“It is because I like your style, not just looking at you as a cool, hot-headed warlord.”

“Oh, really? Was that what you like? Oh, thank you.”

“Well, there are people who liked to be as strong as you. And they try to follow your shadows or footsteps.”

“Nah, no need to explain about that, as somebody taught me that thing since the past generations.”

“Haha… You are a nice person to talk with!”


Date started the exercise and Kurumi follows him. It seems she was just imitating Date’s moves. She then said, “This is fun! This is good!”

“Haha… That’s right lady! Keep on dancing in the winds!”


As Kurumi and Date trains, another girl has appeared before them.

“No, no… Not another weird people who are appearing before me like this…”

The two stopped training and dancing, and Suigintou said, “Gosh, I like the two of you dancing! What kind of training do you do? May I join in?”

“Alright… I don’t mind being joined by these weird people,” said Date. “All I just do is training!”

“Let me show you my moves,” said Suigintou.


“Not bad for like you!” said Kurumi.

“So, are you ready to join us?” asked Date.

“Of course! Let us continue of what you have started.”


“Let us go with a BANG!”

“Haha… Now this is A PARTY!!”

So then, the three continued training, as well as dancing. As Date trains, he knows that his training is alive now, unlike that he was training alone and he was not improving his strength. By that time, he was happy, and he was able to learn new techniques for fighting.

The End.


Title: Let’s Do Some Dance!

Nendoroids Used:

  1. Date Masamune
  2. Tokisaki Kurumi
  3. Suigintou

Photo Session Location: Indoors


This short story is fictitious or not real. It has nothing to do with the three original Anime stories mentioned.

All characters and other trademarks are belonging to their respective owners and companies.


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