One day, Neptune was bored at her home so she decided to go outside to buy her favorite food, the puddings.


“Geez, I guess being alone is too tough for me,” said Neptune.

She walked a few steps more until she saw a mysterious girl standing on her way.


“Whoa! Don’t tell me! A random boss monster has appeared in front of me! I guess there is no way for me to escape now…” said Neptune again.


The mysterious girl draws her sword and she pointed it towards her. Neptune begins to panic and said, “No… Another game over for me! I haven’t saved my game yet! Please don’t kill me!”


The mysterious girl is silent and she continues to intimidate Neptune.

“I just want to be stronger! I don’t want to lose myself on either Noire, Blanc, or anybody else!”


The mysterious girl stopped intimidating her and she draws down her sword saying, “Was that your wish? Do you want to be stronger?”

Neptune settled herself down and she let her speak.

“You are maybe an idiotic, stupid, lazy, or something like that – something that people hate most of you. But, you have a good heart and feelings that your friends don’t have. Your friends only look at your outside qualities, but they don’t look at your inside. That quality makes you unique and you stand out among others.”

“My inside… Eh? Are you seeing something through me? Are you just a random guy who peeks other’s underwear?”

“I am not talking about that, young one. I talk about your… heart… Your mind.”

“Oh… Wait a minute… No way, could it this be…?”

“I have ‘someone’ who taught this to me before. Let me hold your hand.”


Neptune allows her to hold her hand.

“Just close your eyes and imagine.”

The scene flashed for a few seconds and Neptune finally wields this new weapon.


“Your heartily thoughts and determination… That is how you finally summoned my sword, the Sandalphon.”

Neptune was overwhelmed because of the sword! And she said, “Wow, I finally got my new weapon! Was this the legendary sword that I am looking for in the game guide?”


“To you, I bestow my blessings. Go on for your friends are needing you!”


“Um… I got a question. May I know your name?”

“Tohka… Yatogami Tohka. Let that name be engraved to your mind!”


Then Tohka finally disappeared among the winds.


“Tohka… Sandalphon… Hmm…” said Neptune. “I guess I got my rare treasure! Achievement has been unlocked!”

Since then, Neptune continues to adventure on the land of Gamindustri. Now, she acquired the ability to summon the legendary sword that Tohka gave to her. And this is how Neptune met the Sandalphon. She will continue to fend off the lurking evil within her land.

The End.


Title: How I Met Your Sandalphon?


  • Neptune (No. 378)
  • Yatogami Tohka (No. 354)

For Neptune, other parts used:

  • Sandalphon Sword and Hand Parts (Yatogami Tohka, No. 354)


This short story is fictitious or not real. It has nothing to do with the original stories of the two TV Anime series mentioned.

All characters and other trademarks used or mentioned in this short story belong to their respective owners and companies of different countries or territories.


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