It is been the time for me to voyage on the streets of my hometown by bike. One day, I have been biking through that place and the area was deserted. The wind blows aimlessly and dusts are fluttering everywhere. I have slowed down and pedaled softly along the dusty road.

“The world is having numerous possibilities…” I said to myself as I voyage around the streets. As I look the sky with the sun being hidden in the clouds, I remember something from my memory. Something that could never be changed forever until the day I die.

When I turn on the last stretch to the wide desert road, I saw somebody walking alone on the desert of loneliness. I pulled over and I talked to her facing on the morning sun.


“Are you enjoying the view of this deserted place?” I asked.

“I like going to places like this,” she said and looked at me. “It calms my mind and soul.”

“Are you seeking some inner peace, lady?”

“Maybe you are right. I seek some happiness to myself.”


The wind blows and bits of dusts are fluttering everywhere. I have been overwhelmed by the power of wind, so does as she. After few seconds, the strong blowing wind stopped and the sun was shown on the sky giving light rays over the road.

When the time comes and we stopped talking, I suddenly looked at her white clothes – the foot wear, the nice pink ribbon on the chest, and the edge of her skirt above her knee. My imagination exploded and suddenly it tells me to spill out everything. Until, I asked her some weird questions.

“Um… May I ask you something?” I asked in a very shy manner.

“Okay! What is it, my dear brother?”

I was surprised when she said that. Calling me ‘brother’, but I neither know her nor she was related by my blood. Somehow, it is a reference from Japanese Anime that I am watching and little girls calling the big boys Onii-chan (big brother) even though they were not related by blood. I understand that it is a tradition for younger children to call us on our honorific names as a sign of love and respect.

Now, continuing my question, I suddenly asked this pervert question, “May I know the color of your panties that you are wearing now?”


“W-W-WHAT? M-m-my panties? The color of my panties?” she replied in shock. She seemed to be embarrassed for the first time.

“I am really sorry. I can’t stop my pervert side sometimes. I will never ask that to the next girl that I will meet in the future.”


“It’s alright, my brother. At least you apologized to me truthfully.”

“Thank you, friend. I am all relieved now.”

“But do you really want to know the color of my panties that I am wearing?”

I just allowed her to continue her sentence and I was silent.

“White. Did you hear that? White! Go ahead and lift my skirt and peek if I am telling the truth.”

“Thank you for your honest answer. I do not wish to violate your purity, my friend.”

It seems she was also relieved. But that’s not over. I can see her happy outside, but inside, she was not. I can tell that her feelings are crying deep inside. There seems to be no other solution.

So then, I asked her once again and said, “May I know your name? Let me take you back home.”

“Noelle. I am lonely and I have no other place to go back.”

“Alright. Let me take you to the place that your sadness will never happen again.”

“Take me with you. I will grant you something later!”

“Alright, let’s go! (But what does she mean she will grant me something? Hmm…)”


She finally joined me and she was resting on my hands. I know that she feels my warmth as she rests. After that, we moved out and we stroll along the streets once again.


As I stroll along with her, I can sense that her feelings were high. In fact, she feels like that she is alive again after rising herself from the sea of sadness. Same goes to me, too.

From that time on, I have been travelling with her and happiness finally conquered my devastated world of imagination. And this is how I met Noelle, the wandering maiden on the desert.

The End.


For the short story, I have mixed and used some parts of the existing Nendoroids that I currently have on shelf. I have taken this Nendoroid to some different locations.

Title: Maiden on the Desert


  • Noelle (Mixed Nendoroid, see bottom)
  • Inori Donz (as the narrator, himself)

Noelle (Mixed Nendoroid)

Parts Used:

  1. Hair Part (Noel, No. 498)
  2. Primary Face (Noel, No. 498)
  3. Happy Crying Face (Noel, No. 498)
  4. O.O Face (Yoshino, No. 395)
  5. Body Parts and Dress (Yoshino, No. 395)
  6. Leg Parts (Itsuka Kotori, No. 505)
  7. Stand and Base (Noel, No. 498)


Noelle was a female name counterpart of Noel. To avoid confusion, Noel was the official name given by the producers of the TV Anime, Celestial Method. It was weird for an Anime girl character to be namedĀ ‘Noel’, despite that it was a given boy name.

For the naming of the mixed Nendoroid, I called her as ‘Noelle’. To avoid conflicts, I changed her name, despite that she was actually ‘Noel’ only to wear a different clothing.


When we were back home and resting, Noelle jumps in and said, “For making me happy this day, I will grant you something!”

“Okay… You grant me for what?” I asked.


She then lifted up her skirt and she flashed her panties at the front of me. She then said, “Do you still remember the question you asked me before? This is it! My panties are white! I am telling you the truth!”

“Um… Okay. :)”

The Finisher… Copyrights and Info

I, myself, declare that I took and own these photos during the making of this short story.

This short story was fictitious and not real. It has nothing to do with the actual living person, place, thing, organization, or related TV program or media. Any person’s names, whether living or not, were replaced and kept confidential and conflicting mention of names were unintentionally done.

‘Nendoroid’ and ‘Nendoroid Series’ logo is a property, or likewise a trademark of Good Smile Company Inc. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners and companies in Japan and in other countries/territories.


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