Today is the day of celebration. I will show to you my highlights throughout this year. There are only few, since I wasn’t able to update on a timely manner. I know that every year we learn something new and we apply them in the future plans that we make. Now, here are some highlights of what I did throughout this year.

1. Instagram Photos

IMG_20150122_024124_wm IMG_20150109_182115 IMG_20150113_155935 IMG_20150105_141049

These are one of the photos in my Instagram account that somehow got an attention. Thanks not only to the camera that I am using, but also on my photography skills. I know that I have still more to improve. Maybe I should learn on how to make miniatures next?

2. Software and Gaming Development (Visual Novel)


I started this project as of last November. I am still finishing the script, but due to time and management issues, I wasn’t able to give updates of this project. Since I don’t have a team in which they could help me with this, I decided it to put this on hold.

3. Attended a Few Local Anime Conventions


My sister is the cause why I got used to attend some local Anime conventions back in 2010. That time, that was the start of my continuous attendance to conventions like these, but not all. I can go to these if I got spare time, but not if I got other agenda like family outing, and so on.

4. Photo Manipulation and Tricks


I tried doing some stuff in Photoshop until I discover some tricks on how to manipulate photos (by removing stands, backgrounds, etc.). Most of the time, I took photos of my Nendoroids without altering the content (except on the watermarking). In the above photo, this shows on how I remove their stands by erasing them. I referenced that trick from a site that I found and I don’t remember it.

Concluding Post

Now you have seen everything that I did this year. And this marks the second anniversary of the blog! The rest of the highlights not present in this post are something personal-related. You know that time I was doing something personal besides taking photos of my Nendoroids.

But that’s not over. I will show to you soon my… Hmm, something that changed my fandom – from being a fan up to the present of who I am now. Stay tuned for that! Cheers~


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