Hi fans! Since then, I have been lacking of updates lately, and I can’t post anything. Right now, I have been doing a ‘project’ which is considered to be my ‘autobiography’ project. It is a visual novel game.

Since then, I have been integrating my Nendoroid and figure photography into something which is interesting. And that is, I will try to integrate these in a visual novel.


Splash screen of my visual novel game with my logo in it.

Familiar with Ren’Py visual novel engine? This is the visual novel engine which is commonly used for visual novel games, like Katawa Shoujo, and such. What if I try doing this stuff? I don’t know how will it turn out, but I hope that this project is successful. I have studied the aspects of the visual novel, like user choices and such, and I know that this was also integrated into other game genres like RPGs.


Characters are ready to release their dialogues!

Currently, I have been finishing the game script and it is about 20 percent of the progress. I will post some updates if there is any progress in the project. For now, any current figure photography posts will be delayed as of this moment because of the said project. But I will try my best to post anything!

Want to take a sneak peak on my project? Friend, it is still under construction.


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