In this post, I will show you my personal favorite Nendoroids that I have liked this year 2015. This will include the past and present Nendoroids. Remember that this list is different from the top ten Nendoroids that I am about to post soon next month. This list contains again my personal favorites. We all know that we have different tastes when it comes to choosing which Nendoroids should be on the list. I have arranged the list in descending order, where 10 is my least favorite, while number 1 is my top favorite.

* The images used below are courtesy of Good Smile Company. Those images are used for illustrative purposes only. Marked in asterisk (*) means I already have these Nendoroids in the house.


10. Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live) *

This gothic-themed Nendoroid is very catchy. Not only her dress has caught my attention, but her personality has drawn my interest. The red-orange colored-dress has somehow a meaning (In fact I am studying somehow colors!). The colors somehow represent something about temptation. Well, that topic is somehow broader and it must be separated from this topic.

Overall, Kurumi is a choice for me if I really like something dark, deep, and mysterious.


9. Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) *

She was the first Nendoroid that I have bought since year 2012. She never changed, although that the variant version of her has appeared (The school uniform and the Devil version). Her glasses part is my highlight because I was able to use it on other Nendoroids if I am deciding to mix their parts.

Homura became my beloved Nendoroid for years after I have opened and used her for photography.


8. Kosaki Onodera (Nisekoi)

She have become my favorite Nendoroid in my wishlist because of the one of her face expressions. I am not really a Nisekoi fan, but… Her gestures and other expressions had made me turned on. I don’t know why. Since because she became a trending Nendoroid in the past, I decided to join with the flow.


7. Komari Kamikita (Little Busters! ~Refrain~)

Not really familiar with the Anime or the visual novel, but…. This girl is somehow cute and tempting. I have seen her in some photo-sharing sites like Instagram and her photograph outputs are amazing. They are amazing, in fact I was tempted before buying her!


6. Renge Miyauchi (Non Non Biyori)

One of my favorites… This cute little purple-haired girl is very trendy in the past. I haven’t watched or seen Non Non Biyori before, but her photograph outputs are amazing!


5. Akagi (KanColle)

To tell you the truth, Akagi is my favorite character in the Kantai Collection series. She can be bulky because of the amount of accessories that she have.


4. Yoshino (Date A Live) *

I recently bought this Nendoroid because I want to complete the Date A Live Nendoroid characters. Luckily, I didn’t ignored Tohka, since that time she was never noticed by fans. The reason I got Yoshino in my team is because not only she was cute, but because of her face expressions.

In my past post, Yoshino was my top one in my Nendoroid wishlist for 2014.


3. Umaru (Himouto! Umaru-chan)

She became my favorite Nendoroid to have because she is trendy. Her crying face, laughing face, are the ones that has caught my attention.


2. Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia) *

The gamer girl is back! In fact, Neptune was my commonly-used Nendoroid in some photography. I have used her hair color for my website designs and etchetera, thus I have almost made her a mascot for my personal blog page. Number one reason, her face. >.<


1. Noel (Celestial Method)

Yay! Noel has reached my feelings and she became my number one favorite! Noel was a nature-type Nendoroid, meaning she can be used on a garden-themed photography. Oh, I saw a certain photograph in which she and Nendoroid Elsa are together, and their hair parts were exchanged. That photograph somehow produced various results! Yeah, I am really starting to like lolis now, as if I am treating them as my little sisters.


Concluding Post

Now that I have revealed my ten personal favorite Nendoroids. We all know that we have different tastes when it comes to choosing. Since I have posted mine, now it is your turn to answer this question: Who are your ten personal favorite Nendoroids for 2015, whether it can be an old or a new release?

However, it is not over. Since next month, I will be posting my top ten Nendoroids for 2015 in my wishlist. Stay tuned!


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