I have came across a lot of Photoshop tutorials about erasing unnecessary objects from the photo. When I found out this technique, I decided to give it a try.

In this post, I will show you on how to erase the supporting stand of the figure in the photo. In fact, the trick was very simple, but complicating, a bit!

Firstly, I have chosen a very bright place to take a picture. Second, the camera that I have been handling should have a support in which it can stand long and steady. In this case, I didn’t use any tripod or something. I will mention it later. And finally, the figure should be placed where the camera is (obviously).

I will now tell you the trick. Actually I just referenced it from other tutorials that I have came across the Internet.


These are the two photos that I have taken. Notice that the background, lighting, and angles are almost the same.

The first step is take the photo with the figure standing with its supporting stand. Aim the camera carefully, making sure that the focus and the aiming point should be neat and steady. After taking the first photo, the second step is to remove the figure from sight of the camera. Then take the second photo and be careful not to tilt or change the aiming position of the camera. After that, you are done with the first phase of photo editing! Now, put these two photos into your computer and edit them using Photoshop.

The next phase is the editing phase, wherein you will erase the unnecessary objects from the photo. Now, put the second photo (the one that has no figure in the scene) as the first layer. Then, put the first photo on the top layer.


I put these photos in this order. The Layer 1 is the second photo while the Layer 2 is the first photo, which is the top layer.

 After putting the two pictures in their respective layers, now it is the time to do some erasing process.


The eraser tool should be in brush mode, so that the erasing process is just on fading effect.

After erasing the supporting stand of the figure, it is now the time to do some finishing moves. You need to use the ‘Clone Stamp’ tool to fix some areas. When you erase, you noticed that there is a lighter area part where the stand is erased. So in order to retain the shadow, try experimenting on the clone stamp tool, until you get something like this on the bottom.


This is the final output.

I almost forgot to mention about on how I handle the camera. For the camera, I just only use my Nexus 7 tablet, wherein I used it to upload some pictures, as well as accessing to my social media accounts.


This is how I set up my tablet camera. Sorry because the protecting cover that supports my tablet is almost broken (Yes, I need to replace it). But earlier in the morning, this was actually the setup when I performed this trick.

 Ending Post

I have learned something new in my figure and toy photography experience today. Removing the supporting stands allows you to make your photos realistic, free from distractions. This was actually my first time doing this trick, and without the help of the tutorials from the Internet, I won’t be able to do this.


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