While doing other activities, sometimes my obligation to update is forgotten. That is why I was able to only post some few updates. There are some few activities for me to do besides posting photos on Facebook or Instagram. There is sometimes a time that I won’t be able to balance my time for some photography session. Here are some things which causes me to become lazy in doing figure photography sessions.

1. Family Activities

This is the number one in the list which I am facing. In some occasions, family will be always NUMBER ONE very important in our lives. If you are going to have an outing with the family, then go with it! If you are in the middle of your figure photoshoot or something, then set it aside first and try to enjoy with the family first! It is important to go bonding with your family for some time, since you won’t be able to do that stuff if they are no longer at your side. I do still remember the movie quote that says, “Family goes first!”

In some occasions, I am always with the family. If they are inviting me to join for dinner outside, then I won’t hesitate to join. This goes the same to outings and etchetera. All of these are scheduled in a timely manner.

2. Random Mind Stuff

Number two in my list is doing something that is related to my skill set. Did you know that I graduated from an IT course? Web design is my favorite skill. What I do is to design some static web pages on my own and all of these are hard-coded in Notepad or other text editor program. My really objective was to design a WordPress site and that site should be responsive and mobile-friendly. I have been trying that stuff over and over again, but still I was unsuccessful because I am just only up to designing web pages, and I have no client. Because if I have no client, I can’t create of what I call the web portfolio. And without it I can’t have a job.

Another random mind stuff is designing pictures using Adobe Photoshop. Somehow it is related to my skill because it allows me to create logos for web sites and other stuff. These pictures are outputted by my imagination and mind set.

Lastly in my random mind stuff is drawing. I like drawing since it was part of arts. I have never been successful in drawing of what I wanted, but I know that I should just try and try until I succeed.

3. Online and Console Gaming

Number three and the least is the online and console gaming stuff. I have been playing online games since then with my friends. Playing these kind of games is somehow repetitive for me because all you have to do is to challenge other players across your country and even around the world.

For console gaming, I recently bought a new handheld game console just only I want to play more games in a different platform. I know it is boring to be alone, but I was able to kill time and stuff by playing these.

However, playing can help us maximize our critical decision-making in real life. That is according to the research of a certain site or Facebook page that I have seen or read.

Ending Message

I know that these activities can be a hindrance, but I should take it because I must not focus only on one thing alone. I should give myself time to extra activities like swimming, biking, or even drawing some stuff. And that is to help me to become more socialized person in the society.

Soon, I will make another new change in my photograph session, so be prepared for it!


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