It is been a while since I have been inactive writing my blog entries here. But hey, I am not considered inactive yet. In fact, I am still active in other social media accounts. I am just inactive since I have been busy during the weekdays, even weekends, too.


Okay, so let us go to the topic. This post tells about my latest mascot project. Using my previous Nendoroid parts as components, I was able to compose and create a new avatar for my figure and toy photography blog. Someday, I will use her as a new mascot for this.


Yes, she goes by the name, IEM-chan. That name came from my screen name, my blog name itself.

So who is IEM-chan? She was an energetic, cheerful, and imaginative girl who was thinking about imaginative things in the world. She was integrated with cat parts (the ears and the tail) meaning that she is half cat and half human. While she is high in imagining things, she is sometimes having her mannerisms to talk to herself and she is sometimes moving her head a bit. She is said to have a mild autism, but she never had it when she became older.


So how was I able to make her? The answer, of course, is by using the parts of my previous Nendoroids that I have in shelf. It was tiring to see the generic characters in my shelf, so I decided to mix the parts just to create a new one. Remember that it was not my first time to do this combination thing. I have done this since when I was in progress of doing figure and toy photography.

So how am I going to make her as my figure and toy photography blog mascot? Well, I just take my time and be patient and wait for another Anime convention so that I can request for an art commission for my character/mascot.


“Never let your imagination die!” This is IEM-chan’s favorite quote.


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