Well, it is a long time that I have never made a blog post about Nendoroid photography (It’s been a month!). Now, before the May 2015 ends, I will post my last post of the month. This post features only solo photography shots of one of my owned Nendoroids.


Let’s dance to the depths of underworld!

About Kurumi

Kurumi Tokisaki is one of my favorite Anime characters from the light novel and TV Anime series, Date A Live. From the beginning, I started to feel mysterious and somehow I hated her a bit because not only of her evil schemes, but the way she tricks other characters from the series. That time, I have been thinking of this character and I have found out that many fans had liked her. Because of that trend, I started to like her, too. Besides being a villain (or an antihero, rather), Kurumi has became my favorite character next to Tohka. What makes me like her? Not because of her gothic clothes or her left eye, but of course the way she is expressing her character.


It takes one look to freeze your mind.

About the Pictures

Let’s go to the photograph topic. Well, the following shots are not as good as I am expecting. First, I have revealed the stand (the one that supports the Nendoroid). And second, I have made unnecessary blurs at some areas. Well, that’s experience. Maybe I should even practice more even at the most difficult-to-reach angles and areas.


Peace can be my boring part! I am going to make you get busy!

I am just trying to unlock the “other side” of her character. Somehow not related to the series itself, sometimes it is important to experiment or to test the outcome. For example, you are mysterious, aggressive, and your theme is fire. When you are placed in something natural or peaceful, your character will be changed to humble, calm, and nature.

Very confusing? Sometimes we study first the nature of the character. Then we can change it when we put it into something different.


I shall watch over your works.

This is the time for me to make several photograph shots on one character. Since I had enough time to think, I had thought of a solution. So, I picked on one character and I made some random shots on random areas of the house. At the same time, I uploaded some of these photos on my social media accounts.


There are other people who are stronger than you. But who of them will you trust?

I know the saying that although you have better equipment, but don’t know how to use it, it is still useless. You must remember that in order to achieve a better result, you must unlock that equipment’s full potential abilities. How to do that? Just simply practice, experiment, and study.


The fun just starts here.

I am completely out of topic! But I know that those previous paragraphs above are just following something!

So that’s it! I hope that you have enjoyed looking at the pictures. There are not good, but I know that they have meanings. The following days may be a lot of busier so I hope that I can still make some updates. Good day and never let your imagination die!


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