Remember my special post about ToyCon 2014 last year? Actually this post is almost the same, but this time it was Anime-themed. I really like attending Anime conventions like this.


So lot of event goers! I can hardly move in this situation!

For some information, Ozine Fest 2015 was held last April 24-26, 2015, at SM Megamall, in Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

I have been attending some Anime conventions, whether I am with friends or not. That time, I was only attending that convention alone. What did I do to that part? Of course I did many, like window shopping for Anime figures (like Nendoroids) or some Anime stuff, taking pictures with cosplayers, and as well trying to request for art commission with indie artists.


The figures here are so sexy!

This was one of the Anime conventions that I have attended which is somehow so crowded with many people (as well as cosplayers around). I know that Anime conventions are made differently in different countries, but I am sure that they have the same theme.


This is one of my favorite booths to visit since they sell some exclusive Anime items there.

They have some attractions there, like horror booths, the Matsuri corner, and the famous maid cafe. These are some exciting attractions there, but I know that there is still more since I didn’t have time to take photos of other areas that I have never seen or visited.


Gunpla contest! So lot of entries!

This Anime convention is good to me, since they have enough attractions just to suit my exciting activities there.


Console games are also available to gamer fans!

For some cool Anime items, like keychains, tag cards, and even T-shirts, they are sure can satisfy the people who attend there.


My favorite part of the convention: Requesting for art commission

So that’s it for now! I know that people have different tastes when it comes to this. I hope that I could share this to you like this next time. Cheers~!


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