“I have been patiently waiting in line
Watching everyone passing me by
And I can’t seem to figure out
When’s it gonna be my turn?”

– Lyrics from the song “My Turn” by Hoobastank

Have you been waiting patiently in the line or queue for your turn? This happens when you try to attend a convention, party, or even participating in a contest. So the question of many is that when is it going to be their turn? In real life, we have been selected around the world randomly as time goes by.


“It is so hot in here! I can’t wait to get my turn!”

We do not exactly know when or what time is it going to be. Only God knows the time when it is going to be our time — maybe later, soon, or tomorrow, or other day. So waiting patiently is the key to successfully get our turn. But there are times that we can’t wait and our heads get hotter easily when we get into long queues or lines. We all know that it is quite tiring if we get into long lines on queue waiting for something exciting.


“You know… You should be smiling instead. You’re happy because you were able to participate in a contest.”

Waiting patiently is also the key to success. This also includes when you wait for the next episode of your favorite weekly Anime series. There are times that waiting can also affect the flow of your time and life. In real life, just I have mentioned, we are selected randomly around the world from time to time. So, while we wait, then why not do something that makes us busy? Then when the time comes and it is now our turn, then we should be taking that chance!


“How long is it gonna be my turn? Maybe it will took forever…”

We all know that time is precious, but waiting for something is a part of our lives because we give way to other people who want to get their chance. It is just simple: We put God first in our lives, others the second, and finally the last is you! I have learned that quote when I studied in a Christian school. It is just like “Giving the way for others to go first.” But of course, God is always making turn first.


“Time will come and your turn will come unexpectedly!”

So for you, when it is the time that you patiently waited for a lot of hours and then got your turn unexpectedly in the end?


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