Familiar with D.C.: Da Capo? Familiar with its visual novel and its Anime counterpart? I have been a fan of this visual novel before back in 2008 and now it is time for an early throwback!

D.C.: Da Capo is a visual novel by CIRCUS. Released around year 2002, this romance-themed visual novel game is a success so it has spawned many adaptations and sequels. The word ‘da capo’ is a Italian musical term meaning ‘from the beginning’.

Now going to the topic, this post is about Nendoroid girls wearing Da Capo school uniforms. What did I do? I just used the uniform body and I used the heads of my current Nendoroids from my collection to fit on that uniform body.


Combination is not that bad… Only I didn’t forcibly fit the head part to the uniform and you noticed that you can see the neck joint.

My objective really is to take photos of them wearing this school uniform. I recently post them in my Instagram account one-by-one per day. Before that, I took them in the time in which I am free. Then, I decided to compile them after posting them one-by-one into one blog post.


Homura looks good in the Da Capo school uniform! Again, I didn’t force the neck joint to the depths, as it might break if I do.

I tried different angles in my shot, only that I also include unnecessary background, but they are blurred. This can allow me to practice more about shooting the camera in a different angle, as well as consistent lighting and effects.


Mind if you give her a warm hug? There is nothing wrong hugging a person you want!

The only problem for me when I did this trick was that the neck joint can hardly fit to the Nendoroid body part. What did I do is I just put a little pressure then I push through a bit. When the joint can’t go deeper, I stop and that’s it. Pushing deep further when it is hard can break the neck joint. That is why some neck joints are shown and revealed.


Nep looks freaked out when she wears a school uniform!

In taking the photos, I didn’t have much time (due to some tight schedules) so other photos are just rushed.


Reach out her hug!

Lastly, I organized the photos then I upload them one-by-one per day.


Finally, she is embarrassed when you see her wearing that uniform!

My overview in this photo shoot session is that I have used a single Nendoroid body which can be used by other Nendoroid characters.

Well, in the past, I have watched the D.C.: Da Capo Anime and that time I was in the state that I am like wanting to have an imaginary girlfriend. Imaginary girlfriend? Maybe not because something imaginary is just temporary, and in the end it was just only to crushes. I have numerous amount of crushes in the past when I was in High School, but I never had a single girlfriend before. Well you know… the issues.

D.C.: Da Capo is nice, and it is one of the best romance-themed Anime that I watched in the past.


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