In this post, I will explain on how I did this wallpaper photo from scratch.

The process is just simple. I just used three Nendoroids and I lay them in a white bond paper. Then I used some white light to expose them. Since I got a camera with a flash, I took the picture. The image used below is the raw picture.


After taking a few shots and decided on what picture to use, I went to the computer and used a photo software editing program (Adobe Photoshop). Then this is what I do. I crop and erased the background using the techniques that I have learned. The background removing isn’t perfect, but I know that I have learned something new in my wallpaper editing.


After some background erasures, I decorated and edited the colors. And this is the result.

love-burstWhen you look at the picture/background, they are like jumping in the air. The title of this photo is ‘Love Burst!’ and the subtitle is ‘Love is bursting within!’ because they turn pink and became very happy when they receive some love. That’s all.

This is one of the photos that somehow I found it dumb or boring, because I can’t really think of a suitable theme for them. I think that it could be somehow useful for Valentine’s greeting or something, but I am too late to did this.


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