The season of love is in the air. Did you know what it is? Of course, It’s Valentine’s Day! I will call that event a season of love!

Valentine’s Day has a history in books, and you know that it is celebrated across many parts of the world? It is already a tradition for us to give love to somebody.


So what comes to your mind when you hear Valentine’s Day in your head? Chocolates? Flowers? Roses? Stuffed teddy bears? We always think of those. Valentine’s Day had become significant to people who are in a relationship, and to those who were seeking relationship. For myself, when I was in High School, I am just only up to crushes, meaning that I am not really in a relationship at all. I experienced giving flowers to my crush and it is good, only it is heart-pounding.


* So for my photo shoot, I only used a Valentines cup and a heart made of Styrofoam. I only bought it on a certain supermarket that costs only a little money and I bought it.


Valentine’s Day is a season where new love begins and where love also ends. I am not skilled in explaining this further, but the best thing to do is to research for it to learn something.


For you, who is somebody to you to become your Valentine?


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