This is the part two of my recent Instagram posts for January 2015. Click here to see first the first part.


10. “How do you like my new glasses and hair, Onii-sama?”

I just mixed random hair parts and this is the result. This photo has somehow received positive likes and then I used this to change the profile picture of my social media accounts.


11. Clash with swords!

The description above is incomplete, since the description is too long. It is because I was tagged by my friend to answer some questions about me. For the photo above, I have a blog post about this one and it is on my photography archives.


12. Practicing even on a hot sunny day…

Just a simple shot with blurring effects again. I became bored so I decided to take this shot under the sun.


13. “Even in this deserted and twisted world, I will still love you.”

The garden outside has no grass, so I took this opportunity to take a photograph just to match the theme of my photo and description.


14. Jungle mode.

I remembered playing DotA (Defense of the Ancients) and I sometimes like to do jungling (a term used for DotA or League of Legends where a player goes to the grassy parts of the lane where he or she kills Neutral Creeps just for experience or gold). When I thought of that idea, this is the result. I simply find a bushy part in our garden and I placed the figure in it. Only, I made several adjustments on the photo, since that time it was nearly dark.


15. Guardian of the skies…

See Desktop Backdrop on how I did this. This photo has received a lot of likes.


16. Neptune as the Justice Hunter strikes again!

This is just a continuation of number 1, at the part one post of my Instagram photo posts for January 2015.


17. Launch! Lego Zord! Tried integrating Nendoroid with Lego… And this is the result. (^o^)

As I search for some props or accessories that I would like to use and integrate for my Nendoroids, I finally remembered the old toy that greatly increased my imagination rate. That old toy is the Lego blocks and it is located at my storage box. I decided to use it and created a ‘Lego Zord’ just to be ridden by the Nendoroids that I have.


18. Reach for the skies!

The photo is simple again. I just use the extended stand support and I lowered the shot angle, just to think she was jumping.

Concluding Post

This could be, somehow the most photographs I have taken this January 2015 last month. I hope that I could still took many. I know that time my imagination is high and I was able to think out some ideas that could help me post more photos. Well, I have learned again something new and I hope that I could apply this next time to the future photographs that I am going to make.


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