In this post, I will show to you my recent photo posts in Instagram as of January 2015 last month. The post was split into two parts, since there were many. In each count there are descriptions followed by my comments and my description.


1. For those who haven’t noticed, I have changed the cover photo of my Facebook page. The title of this photo is ‘Justice Hunter’!

Instead of having Nendoroid Neptune being displayed with the usual option parts, I tried swapping/changing her hand parts with other parts. The left hand was from my Nendoroid Tohka’s left hand part with the sword weapon with it. The right hand was from my Nendoroid Homura’s right hand part with the hand gun. The reason I do this is because I want to unlock more of this figure’s full potential abilities, not just relying on her default poses.

Why Justice Hunter is the name? I just simply used that name because she is a person who seeks nothing but justice.


2. I haven’t taken a photograph of Megami Madoka for a while since then, but here it is! “I shall be watching over you.”

I haven’t, that time, taken Ultimate Madoka (they sometimes call her Godoka or Madokami) into some photo shoot sessions. Not only of her bulky appearance, but I haven’t had enough time to think of a theme suitable for her. One time, I have thought something that associates her: the sky. Because of this, I decided to take her to a photograph session, and that is the result. Somehow, I just need to improve my photo shooting skills, and I must avoid any unnecessary backgrounds unless I am going to blur them.


3. Slicing through the woods…

This shot is just simple. I just put her at the top of the big rock along with the green plants. The orange background color is just actually a wall (and you thought is a sunset!)


4. Ricca M. ;D

I have a post regarding of this somewhere in my blog. Check out Walking in the Park post to know!


5. Hunting in the woods… Looks like I got screwed up with the blurring effects again. Sigh… 😦

Sometimes, my tablet’s blurring feature requires trial and error, since it sometimes blur even the subject. This happens if my hands are bit shaky when I begin taking pictures.


6. Your smile is her happiness.

This is one of my close shots which is somehow clear… a bit.


7. “So do you think this is just a game?” – Renne

I had made several adjustments in this picture, such as adjusting the brightness and its blurring effect. I have learned that the blurring feature of my tablet camera only focuses on one subject at a time.


8. Happy TGIF guys! 😀 Tomorrow means rest day! I am going to make a blog post about this soon…

This is somehow my first photo post that features them to lie down on the grassy field. I also have a blog post about this. But the topic is about resting and relaxing after work.


9. This is one of my photographs that I uploaded late. Enjoy! Ricca with cat accessories!

A simple photography I made using Nendoroid Ricca with cat accessories.


There are still more of them to be posted! Stay tuned for the final part!


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