I used to play Lego a time when I was a little kid. These building blocks has somehow strengthened my imaginative thinking. I used them somehow to build something of what my mind wants to achieve and then after building it I realize the output. I also used them for something of what I have seen on TV, or even Anime.

Now that I am a man and I have realized that there is still a ‘little’ imagination in me, or the state of being childish in me. I know that there are people out there who still can’t let go of their childish life. So for me, I will continue this so that someday I could have an achievement that is somehow unexpected to come.

So let us go to the topic. What comes into my mind and I did this project?


So I build this ‘mobile robot’ from scratch using Lego blocks. Since I have seen some of my friends who tried integrating figures to other figures (like Gundam model kits to articulated figures, for example), I have figured something out. And that is, to use my existing toys that I have in the storage box. One of these existing toys is the Lego.


I call this ‘Lego Zord’ because it uses the Lego as building blocks and Zord coming from the word Megazord which is a term for calling robot machines from the popular Power Rangers series.


The base of the Lego Zord is somehow deep and wide enough, allowing some of my Nendoroid figures to ride in it.


And that’s it for today! I know that some of you are familiar already with Lego toy blocks. You know that it has collaborated with the other series and movies, like Batman. If you have time, why not at least try building something that is somehow useful to toy photography? I know it is bit childish, but worth trying!


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