This is not the first time for me to do this technique. In fact, I have done this last year, only it was during evening time. This is what I call desktop backdrop, wherein I will use the PC’s flat monitor as a ‘backdrop’ stage.


In the picture above, I have taken that using my tablet camera. You can see that it uses the sky as a background. But did you know that I didn’t actually place the figure at the top of the building or something? The setup goes as this, and it is very-very simple.


From the picture above, this is actually the setup. I placed my Nendoroid at the top of the plastic box. The reason is that it allows the figure to reach the same height as the desktop monitor screen. Then, I positioned the box as near as it can, but not too close. I have used the sky background I have found on the Internet and then I maximized and zoomed its size up to the full screen. And that’s it! I have took shots of it. The time of day it was taken was about after lunch (12PM onwards) up to early afternoon. I am going to have a hard time taking this photo if the time was already early evening (5PM/1700H).

It looks like I have learned something new. I think I must adjust well the lighting effects in my area without even adjusting the picture’s brightness and other aspects.


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