Working is a part of our lives. Everyday, we work because we want to achieve something. How about taking a rest or relaxation? You can do this once in a while or just once a day.

Relaxing in a quiet place like a park is an example. While relaxing, try to calm your mind and forget all of the bad things. It is a good thing to do it because it will help you to think properly. Relaxing or resting also helps you to remove your stress. Sometimes, too much stress can make you knock down on the floor unconscious. So, in order to avoid that, you must relax and think.


Resting is also important in our lives. It will help us to think and relax and to plan out things for the future. Did you know in the seven days of God’s creation, on the seventh day He rested? God has created man and Earth in six days and on the seventh, He rested. But that does not mean He will rest the whole day, but He was just thinking and planning of something that not many of us know — something that is really unexpected and unpredictable.


Resting has become a significant role and that does not mean that our lives will rest. It is a temporary condition wherein you will stop yourself from doing anything and think of a condition of what will happen in the future. So if you decided to take a rest, think and predict of what will happen next. It is just like posting endless photos on social media — you must rest and think about any consequences that will happen if you continue to post continuously.


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