I don’t remember the time when I go to a park with my family. This time, I went to a certain park on a place where I usually go out, and that is it is near at the mall where I usually hang out just to kill time. I have also brought my figure with me.

What did I do that time is all photography. I am very shy that time and I can’t just pull out my Nendoroid figure from my bag and its case, since there are few people out there walking around, especially the guards. I just let my timidness pass and I finally put out my Nendoroid from the case and started to do photography.


During the time when I was doing photography, some people are watching on what I am doing. I just said to myself, “Hey, this guy is doing his toy photography and it is nice,” which is somehow pleasant because I know that they would also say that the same. But I know that there are people out there that would not be pleased on what I am doing. That time also, guards who walk around the park saying, “Hey, that toy that you have is nice,” while the other said, “That is a great hobby,” which is somehow made me feel cool, but at the same time humble.


So then, I have finally finished my photography at the park and I looked at the photos. Whew, I am just like doing a date with a girl. But hey, I don’t have a girlfriend yet!


The newly-opened park near the mall is awesome and I wish to hang out there more if I have time. Since I have done there some photography, maybe I can come back there to do some more! Well, how about going back there with a different Nendoroid or other figure? Maybe that’s sounded good!


3 thoughts on “Walking in the Park

  1. Which mall is that? I want to go too! >3< I really like taking pictures outdoors compared to indoors, the lighting is automatically good and the fresh air is just perfect for the moment. Like you though, I always end up being shy that I even go on tsundere mode on my boyfriend because he's the one accompanying me with the toy madness whenever I'd like to go take photos outside – just to keep myself in focus.

    PS. Really love the first two photos most especially! It's like enticing me to really go to that place with cute Ricca =w=

    • Hi! This one was taken at the parks near Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. 🙂 It was my very first time to shoot my figures along a public park which was recently opened. Thanks and have a good day 😀

      – IemDonz

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