I like action figures with articulating features. I like them because you are free to pose the figure in anyway you want. I got some figures in display in which I have never used them for photography. Because my concentration in on Nendoroids, I was only to post some pictures which only involve them. But this time, I am going to make some change here. Because not only about Nendoroids I do post, but on other figure lines of other brands as well.

Have you looked up on my recent Instagram photo posts? That is how it is going to change now. I am just slowly making the transition process.

Okay, so let us go to the topic. My topic is about articulation practice. Yes, as I play with my figures, I am learning something new from them. I am learning about the posing capabilities of a figure.


So, I first go to the articulated figure. As I played with it, I have discovered various possibilities in which I can pose it in many different ways. So far, I have referenced some poses from various TV and movies I have watched. This has gave me an idea on what I am going to do with that pose.


Now, I played with the Nendoroid next. I have tried experimenting with different angles and poses. Well, unlike the articulated figure above, Nendoroids have limited pose-ability. That is why it has option parts in which you can use them to change the pose and style, though that those parts are static and unmovable. For this one, I have referenced from its box, so I have tried and experimented. And then, I came up with an idea. So, I tried to imitate the pose of an articulated figure and this is the result.


From that time, I have learned something in my photography. Even though that some figures, especially the scale figure ones, have some special ability in which it can be used from time to time. For my Nendoroids which has limited pose-ability, I must unlock their full-potential abilities to go with the flow. And that is, I must also change their parts and accessories which makes them more unique in style.


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